Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finally the Birthday Party!!!

We had a really great time today! The sun was shining and the boats were floating across the Strait! My folks came at noon and unloaded the car of all its goodies. Sean was sleeping when they first got in but it didn't take him long to get up and greet all his special guests. He played shy at first but quickly got into the swing of things. We had lunch and then the rest of our guests arrived and the real fun began!

Sean actually ripped into his presents with some help from Mommy. He really likes his new desk and chair. Gramma Hope even painted Thomas and Monkey George on it! He got some Duplo blocks, a Thomas train and a couple books about Thomas, clothes and a couple CDs. He was a pretty happy guy!

He was excited about the cake and even managed to blow out his candles himself! I stripped him down to eat the cake but probably could have left him in his shirt. He was much more interested in his toys then the cake.

Thank you everyone who made it to the party, it was great to have you here. Thanks Mom, Dad and Karina for making the big trek across the Strait. It was so great to have you all here with us if for only a little while.

And now for some pictures!!

Fresh up from his nap and getting ready to play!

Cheers to the birthday boy!

Sean and his new to him desk. This used to be mine when I was little.

Play time!!

Reading with Grampa Hope

In case you were wondering what my belly looks unflattering.


Sarah said...

Glad to see Sean had a great time! You look fantastic Laura!!

mary e said...

You look great! I'm just impressed that Sean can sit on your lap - I had Peter sitting sideways on me from 6 months on.