Monday, December 17, 2007

The Fun of Snow Storms

With all the snow and wind and what-not, Marko managed to land a day off work. While things were pretty good here in town, out Panmure way it was a much different story. They got a lot more snow and wind and downed trees not to mention the power outage. Without power theres not much sense in Marko going to work.

In the morning we went to the mall for a bit of shopping which ended in a minor meltdown for Sean. It was not pretty but we all survived! Then this afternoon we had visitors. Jennie came over as did Bonnie, Abby and Hannah.

Abby and Sean had an absolute blast just chasing each other about and playing in Sean's ball tent. And they both mentioned that they were going to Cyprus today. Marko was trying to get some work done from home on his computer when the two of them stopped by his desk to inform him of their plans. Sean looked up at him with a bag over his shoulder and said, "I go to Cyprus!" and Abby without missing a beat, pipped right up and said, "I go to Cyprus too!!" And the two of them went for the door, which is as far as they got before deciding to chase each other instead.

As you may have noticed there aren't any pictures with the most recent posts, we're having some camera technical issues which we are in the process of working out so hopefully we'll soon have pictures back up once again.

I also thought that I would mention that if there is anyone out there that may have a prediction for the Peric baby pool and for one reason or another are unable to post a comment with their guess, feel free to email me your thoughts. My address is lauraperic AT gmail DOT com. I had heard that some people were not able to post a regular comment so I hope this helps.

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