Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hope Everyone is Having a Wonderful Christmas!

So are you stuffed full of chocolate and other yummy goodies?! I know I sure am...whoa what a shock to the system!!

We had a very lovely little Christmas here at the Peric household. Sean let us sleep in until 8 and then we were all up checking out what we got in our stockings! I got a new pair of slippers which I'm super excited about since my old ones were pretty much falling apart at the seams. Sean got lots of treats, including a 12 pack of boxes of raisins!! Yummmmy! Marko got a multi tool which he has been wanting for quite some time. And I have to say it took a lot of looking to finally find that one that he liked so much but even better was the fact that it was on sale for half price!! I love me a bargain!!

After our stockings we jumped right into the presents. I'd have to say that Sean's favourite gift was the Diego truck that Gramma Hope got him. He played and played and played with it, pretty near all day! After brunch we tried to put Sean down for a nap but by that time he had had quite a few chocolates and he was much more in a party mood than a sleeping mood.

For lunch we were invited over to Grammie Isabel's. And what a lovely time we had there. There were more very much appreciated gifts and oh, my word the food!! YUMMMMMMY! It was really nice to be with family today. (I think I may have mentioned this before, but Grammie is my best friend Jennie's Grammie and ever since we got to being friends her whole family has pretty much adopted me so yeah, we're family! :)

After lunch we decided to just go for a drive in the country which quickly put Sean to sleep. He had a good little nap and we had a lovely little drive.

We did get to talk with my folks and Marko's mom and sister which was also wonderful. We're sorry we missed Marko's Dad's phone call, but just know that we miss you all very much and hope you all had a great Christmas!

Digging in his stocking.

The truck of great amusement.

Check out the plane that came with it.

This is Sean in Marko's new Calgary Flames toque.

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