Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!

Today officially marks (for us anyways) the beginning of Christmas time! Today was Marko's last day at work until the new year! YAY!!!

Sean and I spent the day baking cookies and bread and we even ventured outside for a little while. I work tomorrow and probably for the last time until who knows when if ever again for my oldies. I enjoy my work with the oldies but I'm not sure that I'd be able to swing the whole newborn plus toddler plus job where I have to get babysitting and what-not. I'm sure I'll be busy enough with my two little ones.

My favourite part about Christmas morning is opening my stocking... ever since I was little that was like THE reason for getting up early Christmas morning! It was such a rush to make that mad dash down the stairs to the stocking and dump the entire contents out and squeal with glee!! As a little girl the next best part was then rushing into mom and dad's room to show and tell them about all the cool stuff that was in my stocking. Dad was always totally impressed with my haul while mom seemed like she could use a few more winks of sleep...hmmmmmmm...

While Santa won't have much of a role in our house, we're definetly keeping the stockings! I fill Marko's, he fills mine and we both fill Sean's stocking. Another fun tradition which I'm sure a lot of you share as well, is the giving of a Christmas ornament each year. It's always fun to try and find a sweet little ornament for each family member.

The taste tester of the raisins for our raisin cookies...Looks like serious business!!

This is fun work, Mommy!

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Anonymous said...

Marko, Laura and Sean: Merry CHRISTmas to all of you! I'm sure you're looking forward to some "rest time" before the new baby arrives! May the Lord guide your steps in 2008!

Tammy H.