Sunday, December 30, 2007

Learning From Monkey George

Sean loves his Monkey George and barely goes a day without watching an episode. His most recent favourite episode (besides the bowling one, he really likes that one) is one about George pretending to be a robot. So now Sean is pretending to be a robot.

This is Sean and his robot hands!

Isn't he cute?!

I love this picture. This is Sean's favourite way to play with Daddy. Don't you just love Sean's camo pants? That was a Christmas gift from Auntie Linda.

Tonight at bed time Sean was super sweet. After reading his story and before pray time he decided he wanted to "see" Mommy and laid his head on my belly and was content to just stay there while Daddy prayed. That is until Daddy suggested to him to give Mommy's belly a zerbert. Not only did I get one zerbert, I got many and this pleased Sean to no end!

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Anonymous said...

wow Sean does look so cool in his new camo pants :) and what great balance he has! He totally looks like he's snowboarding. i have a photo of myself snowboarding and that pic of sean really reminds me of it. you may have an athlete on your hands...

Auntie Linda