Thursday, December 20, 2007

Look Who Went Potty Today!

Pretty cute eh? So, brown puppy had to go potty today. Do you know where else brown puppy had to go today? You guessed it, brown puppy went to the washing machine and is now happily hanging by the ears in the laundry room. While his tag said that he was washing machine friendly we weren't taking any chances on the dryer.

Today was also a day for another doctors appointment for me. It went well. Nothing exciting to report. My doctor hadn't heard anything back about the ultrasound, but was going to have his nurse call and if there was anything there that he didn't like, well then I'd be hearing from him.

Sean really does love his nap. Today after about an hour of sleep, he got up, found Daddy and took him by the hand and led him back into his room. Once they were both settled on his big boy bed, he requested a prayer before drifting back to sleep. How cute is that? I was working with my oldies at the time so I missed out on this ultra cuteness.

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