Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lotsa News

Let's see where to start... Well, I had another doctor's appointment this morning at 9:30 am...I didn't actually see the doctor until 20 to 11!! So crazy. The appointment itself wasn't too major. Apparently I'm not gaining much weight and my belly isn't measuring what it's supposed to be so just to be on the safe side he's ordering another ultrasound. Not sure when that will be yet and then my next doctor's appointment is next Thursday. As far as the pregnancy goes for me, it's going great. I feel great most days and feel the baby moving about a lot. Although I must say this one seems to be quite a bit more relaxed than Sean was.

Lately Sean has taken a renewed interest in the potty. I can claim no credit for it. I haven't really mentioned it to him or anything. Then last night and tonight right after his bath he has insisted that he needs to use the potty. While last night provided no real results, this evening Sean peed in the potty!! WOW! And he seemed quite pleased with the whole idea. So pleased that really wanted to try to poop too. And while he had a good go at air flow nothing solid showed up. But still I was impressed that he has decided to try this whole potty thing out again! Here's hoping it sticks!

And would you believe that I actually have pictures on this post that came off of my very own camera?!! How super cool is that! Thank you Auntie Karina for the camera! It's awesome!

Sitting on the sled pondering the snow.

Marching about.

This snow stuff is pretty fun!


Anonymous said...

wow so much snow what a lovely new snow suit let me know when the ultrasound is .
Grammie Peric

Stephanie said...

Hey Laura, I just wanted to tell you that that's exactly what happened to me - - over the last month I wasn't gaining much (or any more) weight and belly was measuring small. I had to get extra ultrasounds too. But in the end it was nothing, Gwen was healthy and a good weight when she was born. :)