Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Pictures From the Party

Today was a pretty laid back day. I think Daddy had a bit too much cake and wasn't feeling the best this morning so it was just Sean and I off to church this morning. This afternoon we went and visited Marko's grandmother. Upon arriving at her place it was apparent that she already had guests. It was Marko's Aunt Josephine, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Isabel. It was wonderful to visit with them all! Sean had a really great time playing with Auntie Isabel, she really knew how to play with his little people!! :) After our visit we headed to the best light show in Charlottetown! It's a family's home who have put up lights and have music that the lights light up to. All you do is pull up in front of their place, tune in to their radio station and enjoy the ingenuity of the creator. Sean LOVED it, he was laughing and pointing and just having a great time watching the light show. So, if you live in Charlottetown you definetly have to check this out!

And now in no particular order more pictures from the party.

Getting down to business...

Apparently I make a really good chair for Abby! :)

If I had known how much a set of Duplo blocks brought such sweet joy to her heart I would have bought my mother her own set a long time ago!!

"Grama, are you making stuff up or what?"

Tearing into his gifts.

Just about his most favourite toy, a motorized Thomas train.

The'll notice the candles are already blown out, he didn't bother to wait till the end of the song.

More good times with Thomas and Grampa.


Kim G said...

awww Look at that cute belly! You look wonderful pregnant, Laura :)

Anonymous said...

wow \Sean has grown so much since his last picture . You look lovely Laura