Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sean Sayings...

This boy is just too cute for his own good. Quite often I'll look over at Sean and start making kissy faces at him and he being the sweet little boy that he is, will indulge me and come right over so I plant my kisses on his cute little face. This morning wasn't quite what I had hoped. I made lots of kissy faces and Sean looked up, balled up his little fists, furrowed his brows and in his most autoritative voice said, "NO KISSING!!" I couldn't help but laugh. And I was glad that the no kissing time didn't last long. I got lots of hugs and kisses before heading out to work.

Another fun saying Sean has caught on to is the phrase "maybe not" You can just imagine when he pulls this one out...."Sean it's time to change your diaper..." "Maybe not." "Sean it's time to clean up toys..." "Maybe not." And the list goes on and on. And while he'll say this he still cooperates with us for the most part. :)

This evening was pretty funny too. I had just gotten home from work and was lying down on the couch when Sean grabbed Daddy by the fingers and dragged him into the kitchen. And there he proceeded to go around in circles singing Ring Around the Rosie and of course ending with a big fall down! So cute, it got funnier when instead of falling down he just kept Daddy going in circles! Daddy was mighty happy to finally sit down after that!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Sort of off topic, but I went back to your early posts to see Sean at 3, 4, 5 and 6 months old to compare, since Gwen is now 6 months. And what do I see? Sean has (had) the exact same exersaucer (with the bee and the b) and the exact same dangly toy (with the red, blue and orange clouds) as Gwen. Two of her favourite toys! I thought that was pretty cool.
Have a very Merry Christmas. I'm excited to see pictures of your new little one soon too.
All the best,