Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tomorrow is His Big Day

and tonight I'm baking him a cake. Yes, tomorrow Sean will officially be the big 2!! And how will we be celebrating this momentous event?! By eating cake for breakfast!! And I know what you're thinking, Wow, that Marko and Laura sure are stellar examples of the perfect parents!...What? You mean that wasn't what you were thinking? Oh well, better luck next time. After our breakfast of champions, we'll give Sean his present from us and the present from Grammie. I thought about doing this after Marko comes home from work but Sean is usually all ready for bed by that point.

In case you were wondering, my doctor's appointment went well yesterday. The baby is doing well and his/her head is down. The doctor still says that this one shouldn't be a 9 pounder. He said this one should be more average. So I'm cool with that. I'm feeling well, not too uncomfortable and still working for my oldies.

Today was a bit interesting as we got hit with a big ol snowstorm. It knocked out our power from 6:30 until 9. With the schools closed and being warned not to go on the roads, oh and the fact that Marko's work didn't have power either, Marko got the day off. We had a pretty lazy day as a family and it was really nice.

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