Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We May Just Have to Put the Sled Away for Awhile...

After many afternoons spent pulling Sean around in his sled my body has finally said "STOP, you crazy pregnant woman!! For the love of Christmas, please stop the insanity!!" Oh, how my legs throbbed and hips and bones and things generally let their displeasure of my recent activities be known. You would have laughed at how I hobbled about the apartment just to get simple things done...and oh how many times I would let out a wee little "mercy, oh mercy.." I'm feeling much better this evening and mostly attribute that to not going out in the snow today. Sean and I managed a fun day inside making bread and playing blocks. And when I say making bread I really mean dumping the ingredients into the bread machine and letting it do all the hard work!

Speaking of hard work as of late Sean has been making bed time seem like a lot of work. For the longest time, we would take him in his room, get him all snuggled in, sing to him and off to dream land he would go with nary a peep. But lately that just hasn't been the case. The boy is up and out of bed faster than a Jack in the Box. While I love my little boy, I do not love having him get up again and again and again, when I know that he needs his sleep.

Marko and I had tried everything, we would go back in sing more songs, say more prayers and generally just reassure change, he still got out of bed grining like the cheshire cat! So we tried being firm, just plunking him back into bed with barely a word said and maybe a quick spank to drive the point home...Again no difference, it was still worth it for him to get out of bed again.

Bit by bit we kept cutting things out, like instead of picking him up and taking him back in, we let him walk to bed himself, then made him climb into bed and STILL he thought it was a great game. But finally tonight I think we figured out what Sean enjoyed having us do so much that he would get up again and again to have us do it...It's all about the tucking him in. So this time we didn't do it, and boy did he howl. He got up one more time, I met him at the threshold and told him to go back to bed. He reluctantly went back in. I told him to grab his blankets and cover himself up and so he did and that was the end of that. Phew!

Don't ya just love the forced smile?!

"Just givin' a shout out to my peeps!"

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