Monday, January 14, 2008

And Now Another Snowstorm!!

Great, another snow storm is gearing up to hit us over night with up to 15 cm of snow and blowing snow. Yipppeeee! So, now I'm hoping this little one decides to hang out just a little longer, at least until Wednesday when things should be getting better.

The good news is that Marko was able to pick up two new tires at Walmart this morning. This is a good thing. The car is handling better now and no more donut on the rear tire!

Sean is so funny. Today he came up to me wagging his finger very authoritatively and remarking that today was Monday! Yes, today is Monday. Good call my little man. I asked him what tomorrow would be and this is what he said, "Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. AMEN!" Too funny. He seems to like to add Amen in other places too. He'll go through his numbers 1 through 10 and end with an emphatic Amen!

And what I can't understand about him is how he knows what his episode of Monkey George is going to be about. Take today for example, the title of the segment was "Up, up and Away" So before we saw any part of the cartoon I asked Sean what this one was about and he said, "balloon" which was right. It's all about George and Bill going up in a hot air balloon! So weird, I don't know how he knows but he does. He also knew that the second segment was about a skunk without seeing any of the cartoon itself, just the title.

I asked him about the baby today, was he going to love it, diaper it and hug it. You'll be happy to know that answered affirmatively for all of those questions! He spent a lot of time rubbing my belly today which was very sweet.

So weather permitting we're off to the doctor's office tomorrow yet again, wish me luck! ;)

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