Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Girl is One Week Old!

I can hardly believe that a week has already gone by! So much to take in. Emma-Lyn is doing great. When we left the hospital her weight was down to 8lbs 2oz and then she was down to a flat 8 lbs but she's back up to 8 lbs 7oz! So this is good. Only thing is she hasn't pooped since we left the hospital. The health nurse has been in a couple of times and seems pretty pleased with Emma-Lyn's progress and isn't overly concerned about the pooping thing. But still, here's hoping she poops soon.

Sean is really having a tough time adjusting to our new life. He's much more cranky and whiny by times. The best we can do is just take things moment by moment. Today my mom went back to Nova Scotia so it was our first day as just us. It was difficult to keep Sean happy when I was feeding Emma-Lyn. He would always pick that time to want to be picked up. Poor guy. Still, that said he certainly seems quite pleased with his baby sister. He wants to hold her and pat her and give her kisses as well as toys. It blesses me to no end to see him be so gentle with her.

Anyhoo, its getting late and I seriously need some sleep. While nursing had been going oh so wonderfully at first, we've hit a bit of a rough spot. I've got some cracking going on and thankfully the health nurse came with a prescription of sorts for a special ointment that I'm hoping will do wonders for it.
Sean and his new Thomas the Tank Engine back pack. Instead of a diaper bag I thought that Sean would like to have his own big boy back pack. Now he and Abby can both pretend to go to school with their backpacks on their backs! :)
Such wonderment!

Sweet brotherly love!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
It is great to be able to follow your life with Emma-Lyn and Sean . I found when I was nursing and the baby hadn't had a bowel movement all I had to do was eat a piece of chocolate bar- nearly any type --one with mostly chocolate. After the baby nursed next time he/she soon had a bowel movement . Hope this helps . Isabel

Sassy_Canuk said...

LOL Babyhood is the only time you can get away with talking about poo. I do remember those fun times when you worry about it... but eventually they do poo and you wish they hadn't ;)
I am so glad things are going fairly well and that Sean loves his new playmate!