Sunday, January 20, 2008

Emma-Lyn's Birth Story

Hey everybody, we're home from the hospital as of yesterday. Last night was pretty chaotic but we all survived! And today went quite well with just a few minor melt downs from Sean. This has certainly been quite the adjustment for him.

So now for what you all have been waiting for: Emma-Lyn's birth story...

I think I had told you all how my water broke around noon on Wednesday and how at the hospital they told us we could go home and let labour progress, which we did. And we managed to have one last couple's night out for dinner at the Dundee Arms (it was sooooo yummy, I had the pan fried haddock in dill sauce and a Caesar salad)

After supper we headed home to let things really get going. I had a few contractions during supper but nothing too exciting. Marko got the fun job of getting Sean bathed and ready for bed while I laid down on the bed and breathed through some contractions. Things were certainly starting to happen. Once Sean was in bed Marko called Labour and Delivery to see what they thought about us coming in. While the contractions were getting stronger they weren't consistent and they said that we could come in if we wanted to but it didn't sound like we needed to. So we stayed put.

Then it seemed the contractions were ramping up again so Marko called in again. And again they said that we were more than welcome to come in but it didn't sound like we had to so again we stayed put. The contractions were definitely getting stronger. As I breathed through each one I would recite Psalm 23 in my head which really helped me through them. And then there were the ones I breathed through while on the phone with Brian and that was just funny. I was almost laughing just listening to their play by play of the contractions. Thanks for the distraction guys!

Finally, the contractions were getting so rough that I was having a hard time just breathing through them. Marko called again and while he was on the phone I started moaning and they were all like, yes, it's definitely time to come in! Marko made a quick call to Mike to come over to watch Sean. Another call to my folks and one last one to Brian and Bonnie and then we were off. Well sort of. I got as far as the kitchen sink when a really strong contraction came on and I had to just hang on to Marko to get through it. Then we got as far as our front entry and we had to stop again.

We got in the car and took off and thankfully made green lights all the way to the hospital. I had a few more really strong contractions that I was now all out wailing through. Marko pulled up and parked the car at the front entrance (which really is illegal but we figured he had a really good reason) Once we were in the first set of doors I had another contraction where I was pulling on Marko's jacket for all I was worth. (He was beginning to get worried that I was going to rip the jacket right off him and he'd be going into the delivery room all Incredible Hulk looking!) While I was wailing in pain a man from inside came out to see how he could help and Marko just said, WHEELCHAIR! He quickly returned with the chair and another woman appeared and helped get it set up and me in it, she even told me that she would pray for me. Then we were off!!

I don't think I've ever gone down those halls quite so fast in my life. As soon as we were in the hallway to Labour and Delivery the nurses were up and prepping a room for me. We flew into the room where the nurses quickly got me undressed and on the bed. No sooner was I down than I was pushing much to their dismay. They kept telling me to breathe and not to push. At this point I really didn't feel like I had much choice in the matter, my body just kept saying PUSH and push I did. They hardly had time to get the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. The doctor and nurses were rushing about and in no time, my sweet baby girl was born. We arrived at the hospital at ten to ten and Emma-Lyn was born at five to ten!! Yeah, so I guess maybe we should have gone in a bit earlier eh?!

The stay at the hospital was great. And life at home is beginning to shape up as well, although we have a long way to go yet before things return to a some sense of normal. Emma-Lyn is doing great. She's a great little nurser and sleeper and just such a sweet little baby girl. Sean is having a tough time adjusting but I'm sure he'll come around soon. Today was definitely better than yesterday. And tomorrow he and Gramma are going to bake cookies together. I'm sure he'll love that!

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers and lovely comments! I had Marko read them to me from home when I was in the hospital.

One very proud papa.

Emma-Lyn just home from the hospital.

Big brother admiring his new baby sister.


Anonymous said...

yep, maybe go a bit earlier next time! ha ha!
Congratulations to both of you - sorry I couldnt get back to visit after dropping off the gift (during non-visiting hours) but my breaks aren't during visiting hours and I did plan to get back in the afternoon Friday, but it was storming and I needed to get home before dark!!! Hope all goes well with everyone!!! Tammy

Anonymous said...

Ohmyland Laura - you are one for adventure eh? What a beautiful baby you have there. Five minutes to spare. Your account made me smile and brought tears at the same time. God's blessing upon you and your little family. Jenny has been watching your blog faithfully to get the updates :O)
Isaiah 40:11
Gloria W.

Sarah said...

Wow! What an exciting story! Glad to hear you are all doing well, and Emma-Lyn arrived so quickly!

Mary e said...

Glad all's well and Emma-Lyn is settling in. Good luck to Sean with getting to know her!

Lots of love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow That's a really exciting delivery story. Marko's Aunt Josephine had a similar experience I can't remember with which child but I recall that Charlie didn't make it up to Labor and Delivery in time for the birth.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I want to come see you Laura. Let me know when is a good day for you. You probably have your mom with you now but when things settle down and you're feeling up to it let me know and I'll come for a visit.
Great story by the way.....I think you're a little nuts for not going in earlier. haha
Amanda Dennis

Anonymous said...

I think your a wonderful mother! Even though I haven't always gotten to see you in action...I believe you to be a very patient, loving, wise, and decent person. I believe this because that is the type of person you have always been to me!!! Thank-you for being you!! I don't think I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have if it wasn't because of you! I LOVE YOU!!
(alright enough mushy stuff but you get the general idea...right?!)

Love from ME!!
CrAzY dragon