Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Times at East Side Mario's

Tonight we celebrated our good friend, Bonnie's birthday. Sean was very excited about this. I told him that we were going out to dinner tonight and that he would get to see Abby. Immediately he ran to the closet to get his boots on to go--it was 3:30 and the party wasn't until 6! He was less than impressed to learn that we wouldn't be leaving for quite some time.

At East Sides Sean and Abby got to sit beside each other and they had a fabulous time. They held hands for awhile, gave each other a little kiss and entertained each other very well. I must say I was impressed with how well they did. By times they both seemed determined to get out of their high chairs but managed to stay put the entire meal. They played peek a boo, pretended they were monkeys..well at least Sean said he was one and Abby just laughed at him.

Today was also another doctor's appointment and it was fine. No progress to share at this point. So it looks like I'll be pregnant for awhile yet!! Let the good times roll. :)

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