Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a blast last night ringing in the new year with so many of our friends! We were really thrilled that the weather didn't keep everybody home. We had lots to eat and drink and lots of fun games to play! The amazing part was that not only did Sean sleep through it all but so did Abby and Hannah!

Today I got busy taking down all the Christmas decorations. I wasn't sure how Sean was going to react to seeing the tree come down but he couldn't really care less. He mostly just thought that this was his turn to play with all the ornaments. It's so nice to have the house back to normal. I'm hoping that tomorrow (weather permitting) we'll be able to stop at Walmart and pick up a new lamp and some other odds and ends. Tomorrow is also Sean's annual doctor's appointment! YeeeHaw can't wait to see how happy he'll be to see Dr. Slysz again.

Today was a beautiful day to go for a drive. The sun was shining and making all the new fallen snow sparkle. So we took the opportunity to just go driving in the country and take some fun winter photos. When we came home I fixed us a nice yummy roast beef dinner to top off the first day of the new year! Here's to 2008!

Here are some pictures from our drive in the country.

Snowy Bridge

Frosty Stained Glass Window

Winter Field

Frosty Fence Posts

Evening Sunset

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Anonymous said...

Those are very beautiful pictures! Will I be so fortunate as to receive copies these delightful treasures of eye-candy to add to my sweet collection I currently enjoy??!
Much LOVE from ME!!