Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Was Warned There'd Be Days Like These...

It started off fine enough. Sean slept in till 7 and was in quite a happy mood when he woke up. We had a good morning together until we decided to go out and do some shopping. First we went toWalmart and that went fine. In retrospect maybe we should have called it a day then but we didn't. We headed to the mall afterwards. Ugggghhhhh, we were barely into Zellers and Sean had his first meltdown because we wouldn't let him play on those stupid money swindling car ride contraptions. This should have been our first clue to turn right round and head home. But we were just so happy to not be in the house that we decided to keep going.

We found a belt for Sean and tried to get him to try it out. This is when meltdown number two materialized. I'm sure all the other shoppers were convinced that we were pricking him with a thousand needles for all the noise he was making. And still we kept going. We managed to pick a few more things up before finally ditching our outing for the safety and comfort of our home.

At home Sean was good as gold, ate a healthy lunch and went down quickly for his nap - This all ended when we made it to the doctor's office for his appointment. At first he was pleased to dig around in their toy box but was a little preturbed when after mere minutes he was lead away to the examination room. He now weighs a whopping 35 pounds and he's 3 feet tall. Both are good and proportionate measurements so we were happy with that. Then it was Dr. Slysz's turn...Sean had his third melt down at this point and, oh what a melt down it was, complete with incessant screaming, crying and going completely boneless. As you can imagine, this made it near impossible for Dr. Slysz to check his heart beat or ears or really anything. He stepped out for a moment while we calmed Sean down. Thankfully Sean was able to keep his bellowing to a dull roar and Dr. Slysz was able to finish the appointment. The ultimate result is that we now know that we have a very healthy 2 year old boy! YEEEE HAW!

And that brings us to tomorrow's doctor's appointment, this time for me. Hopefully things are progressing and soon we'll have another family member to share in the insanity that is the Peric household! :)

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