Saturday, January 12, 2008

May as Well Laugh as Cry About It...

At least that's what my oldie would say. Another day and I went to work for my oldies. I made biscuits and soup and got lunch together. A pretty easy day. I'm feeling pretty good, not too uncomfortable or anything, although it would be nice to have one less person living in my body.

Sean was super cute today, full of hugs and kisses. He is quite set on having the baby play toys once he/she comes out. That should be interesting!

Tomorrow we're off to church and we've been invited out to lunch at one of the elder's homes. I find this just a little funny. I mean, I was supposed to have had this baby by now so really I'm a walking time bomb. And here we have a lunch invite to an elder's home...Now, how funny would it be if my water broke over there?!! I'm sure a good time would be had by all!!

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