Friday, January 18, 2008

More Pictures and a new blog title

Hello all, Marko here again. I am happy to report that we are all doing well. At this rate we'll be home on the weekend, so if you are planning to visit us at the hospital, Friday might well be your last opportunity. And thank you to all who did visit today, there were a lot of you!

You may have noticed there's a new title on this blog, Laura had decided a while ago to change to Life's Sweetest Blessings once the new baby had arrived. Life with Sean just didn't seem to fit any more.

I took lots more pictures than these few, but I thought these would be a few good ones to share.


Sarah said...

Emma-Lyn is a beauty! I've been back a few times to admire her pictures. I'm so very happy for you guys. congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys . wow pretty cute i must say .. Dwana

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love that last picture! Laura, you look fantastic! Sean looks just adorable and Emma-lyn looks precious. That's one to frame for sure! -Stephanie.

Anonymous said...

Emma-Lyn is just adorable!!! I wish I was right there with you so I could hold her and hug her at least once or twice....or four?
Sean looks like he's all ready to be a big brother for is little sister. No wonder why God wanted you guys to have him first.
Love you all lots and lots!!

Love from ME!!!CrAzY dragon