Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Peric Baby Pool WINNER!!!

******Editor's Note***** How could I be so remiss as to miss another honourable mention! This one goes to Nancy Thomas for predicting the name Emma!! Congratulations Nancy!!! Sorry about the oversight!*********

Yes, the moment we have all been waiting for...the announcement of the winner of our baby pool... Drum roll please! The winner is none other than Auntie Linda!! She had the date, January 16 right and the prediction that it was going to be a girl right. She was a bit off on the weight and so honourable mentions go to both Sarah Somers-MacKay and Mike Thomas for hitting the weight spot on, 8lbs 10oz!

Thanks to all who participated, I hope you enjoyed making your predictions as much as I enjoyed reading them!

Things in the Peric household continue to shape up. We're still in the midst of settling in so to those who may have mentioned visiting, if you could wait until next week that would be great for me. Also it's easier for me if visits are held off until the evening after 8. It's a lot less hectic once Sean is in bed. Hope that's okay with ya'll.

Emma-Lyn still hasn't pooped so I called the doctor just to see what he had to say. He said to give her until Saturday and if she hasn't gone by then, then to give her half a glycerin suppository. Oh, the fun of it all. She's doing great though, such a happy and content little baby girl...I mean just check out this sweet little pic:

Such sweet little dreams. I can see a lot of Sean in her in this photo, looks like him when he was that small.


Sarah said...

I love that picture of Marko and his baby girl, so sweet!

Nancy T. said...

No honourable mention for guessing the name?