Sunday, January 27, 2008

She Pooped!!

Yes, indeedy our baby girl did it with a little help from an infant suppository. We popped it in this afternoon and within minutes we had big time poop! And don't fear, I won't go into detail besides to say that there was a whole lot of it! So here's hoping that baby girl is now on a life long journey to regularity!

Today was my first day out of the house since Monday! It was wonderful to go to church and show off Emma-Lyn. Everyone was delighted to meet her and ask how Sean was doing with his new little sister.

Something else that is quite exciting for me is the prospect of going to the women's bible study held at my church again. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go, what with two little ones to cart around and no wheels of my own to do it in. Thankfully, Marko is able to carpool with one of his co-workers again!! This means I get to have the car every once in awhile - Yeee Haw! This week it so happens that I get the car on Tuesday which is good, since we have a doctor's appointment to go to first and then off to bible study we go!

Since I'm not all that sure how often people read the comments here or if they're looking for responses in blog posts I thought I would respond to a couple comments in this post. First, Aunt Isabel, I did try the chocolate...and quite enjoyed the experiment. Unfortunately it didn't seem to have any impact on Emma-Lyn's bowels. Second, to Bonnie's friend (might I guess that you might be Sarah?) breast feeding is going very well which is new for me. With Sean things did not go well and we ended up switching to formula pretty quickly. I don't think this will be the case this time as I'm actually enjoying my time nursing Emma-Lyn. Thanks for asking.

I also would like to thank Elsa and Norman for the casserole, rolls and cookies they made for us! They were scrumptious. Also thank you to Sharon and Gerry for the turkey dinner we wolfed down this evening. Sean really enjoyed the cranberry sauce. And here's the proof:

Mmmmmm, yummmy cranberry sauce.

My Beppe (grandmother) has been asking after Emma-Lyn and would really like to see a close up of her so here are a couple. I took more but she looks a little spooked in those ones.

The super close up. What a sweetie.

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mary e said...

Glad the nursing is going well. I found it easier the 2nd time too - not so much the actual feeding but the organisation of it - wearing the right tops, sitting comfortably. I gave Peter about 3 bottles a day and the rest myself, but William only has one bottle and then all me. Result - I am back into clothes I wore before I was pregnant already, where the first time that took a year!