Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's Getting to Be Such a Big Girl

We went to the doctor's office yesterday and things went quite well. Emma-Lyn did very well. She's now 8 lbs 15oz! Yay! And she's pooping like a trooper now! How wonderful is that?! The doctor was quite impressed with her strength and how bright and alert she was. Too bad he didn't get to marvel at her belching abilities!

Yes, it turns out our baby girl can let out a good belch when she needs to. I had just finished nursing her and had her up on my shoulder tapping her back for a burp, when she threw back her head and really let one rip! It was quite impressive! So impressive that Marko just looked at me and said, "Yep, she's a Hope!" Ha, ha, ha!

Today was a great day, even with the power outage. I had hoped to go to the bank today just as something to do. My bank has a drive through ATM so I figured it was a pretty easy excursion to take the two kiddos on. Little did I realize that the power outage was pretty near Island wide so going anywhere was pretty much useless. I had quite an interesting time going through major intersections with no traffic lights working. It seems most people forget how to take turns here when the power is out. I decided to make a quick visit to Grace Christian School to show off Emma-Lyn. It was great to see all the staff and the students again and show them what a sweet little girl and charming little boy I have! Sean was actually shy while we were there.

Anyways I better head to bed. I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I guess you can call Emma-Lyn a real Pooper-Trooper! But its when she can belch and fart at the same time really well that she can claim the title of being a true Hope!! (not that I'd ever do such a thing! hahaha)
Lots a LOVE from ME to all of YOU!!

CrAzY dragon