Saturday, January 26, 2008

Such a Sweet Big Brother

Sean really seems to enjoy his little sister even if she's taken the spotlight from him. He likes to rock her in her bouncy seat and this evening after supper he wanted to hold her. So I brought her over to him and he lovingly stroked her little head and gave it a big kiss! So sweet.

Thankfully, Sean does seem to be settling into his new role of being a big brother. He does have his meltdowns but I think that has something to with his age as well as our new addition. And here's the coolest part, I think we may be on the verge of a potty training break through. Sean has been getting better with the whole peeing in the potty and has been taking great pride in his efforts. Lately though, I think he wants to try to poop in the potty but is still a bit unsure of himself. You know he has to poo when he takes off to his bedroom and shuts the door. Today he actually went to the bathroom with the intent of going poop. Marko even went in with him but Sean didn't want him to come in (apparently the boy likes his privacy) But in the end he didn't manage the poop in the potty.

Speaking of poop, Emma-Lyn still hasn't pooped. We were going to give her a suppository but I guess we chickened out. Neither Marko or I are all that keen on giving her one ourselves and where she is still so content and happy we're a little reluctant to do it... Hopefully soon, she'll do it all on her own.


Mainland Weed said...

Glad to hear that Sean is getting used to the new addition! I can see him "protecting" his little sister... what a guy!
Boy... when Emma-Lyn finally poops, watch out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey- I'm a friend of Bonnie's...and just happened upon your blog. I know my baby went two weeks without pooping ( but this was at five months). Does Emma-Lyn pee a lot? How's the breastfeeding going?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she pooped! This is Julie actually...thanks for acknowledging my comment. I just remember so well where you are at. Nipple cream, poops...where are those poops??? :) Maya would go a few days and then some would be green, some orange, some yellow...and not to mention blowouts... We're still breastfeeding at 10 months. By the way, very cute little family you have there! Kids are such a blessing from God, aren't they?