Sunday, January 13, 2008

There is Only One Law...

And it is Murphy's!! What could go wrong pretty much did go wrong today. We started out late getting up and things quickly fell apart from there. Marko wasn't feeling too well, looks like he may be coming down with a cold so he was feeling pretty sluggish this morning. It was only once we were at the car that we realized that Sean's car seat wasn't in it. ( You would have thought one of us would have noticed it on the landing...but we didn't) By this time we were already late for the first meeting. As I was struggling to get the car seat in, Marko says, "We're not going anywhere right now, look at that..." And what to my wondering eyes did I see, but one completely flat tire..Whoopee!! So back into the house we trudged, Sean hollering about going in the car all the way.

Marko called Honda Plus and we had a tow truck at our door in minutes and the spare tire put on in less. It was great. So now we had some time to regroup and hopefully have a better chance at getting out to second meeting. When we got there, everyone was pretty surprised to see me there, I was called a trooper, brave and maybe a little crazy. We settled into our seats in the balcony and had maybe been there 5 minutes when I distinctly heard a little boy's voice say, "Mommy? Mommy?" I was like, that's Sean! He's escaped from the nursery! So I bolted out of my seat and ran down the stairs with Marko hot on my trail. I got down there to find Sean happily reading a book and definitely not running around in the basement (although I did find out later that he did, indeed escape if only for a brief moment)

When we got back up to the balcony there were a lot of wide eyes and smiles. I quickly explained to a friend what had happened, apparently she had thought (as well as most of the people up there) that my water had broke and we were on our way to the hospital. While that would have been fun too, I'm glad that wasn't the case.

Our afternoon was much quieter. We had a lovely lunch at the elder's along with another couple and then came home to watch the Curious George movie we got for Christmas.

So, we're still pregnant with our next doctor's appointment scheduled for Tuesday. Looks like I'll probably make it to that one...sigh.


Kimg said...

No baby yet... guess she's cooking well! Can I ask what meeting/ church you go to? Just curious, because I go to the Gospel hall, and we call the services meeting as well :)

Laura said...

Yes, this baby sure is cooking well!! We go to the Bible Chapel.

Brian said...

Hey, at least the flat tire was while leaving for church, as opposed to while leaving for the hospital.