Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is How I Feel...

I guess I may be feeling more like a nutcase than I thought!! LOL! That said, my condition is doctor approved! He said I was allowed to feel like a nutcase by this point. So Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL, Y'ALL!!
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Mainland Weed said...

FINALLY!!! A picture that reveals your true weedy-ness!!!

Mike said...

Have a great nutcase day.



Anonymous said...

Now thats the sister I remember best!! Good that your joining the rest of us nutty people... we were feeling a little lonely without you!!

Love from ME!!!

CrAzY dragon

Anonymous said...

So now we wait on CONTINUED pins and needles! Mom might be able to get over on Thursday... WEATHER permitting! Sheesh, couldn't have the wee babe last week could yah?! Nah, have to be a snow storm baby!
Oh well, love you and family lots and lots no matter what!!

Love from ME and rest of nutty folk! CrAzY dragon