Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Wisdom of Sean

On the weekends at supper time after Marko has finished his meal, he'll take out the Bible and read us a passage. Sometimes though we forget. But this weekend Sean kept us on schedule. When he saw that Daddy was finished his meal, he announced, "Daddy read Bible." And we were both like, "Oh my land, he's right!" And then tonight when Marko was reading he said "...the glory of God..." and didn't Sean immediately look up at me and joyfully say, "Glory of God!" So sweet.

Other things he's been amazing us with is his knowledge of the days of the week. He can pretty much run though the order correctly and if you tell him what today is he can tell you what tomorrow will be...with some prompting. He also seems to know the names of notes, you know the whole doh, ray, me, fa...and so on. And all this is thanks to his favourite CD that he calls Good Morning. It's in the car and that's the only time he gets to listen to it. And you can pretty much count on him asking to listen to it once he's settled in his seat. Thankfully the CD is well done and not too hard to listen to...over and over again. :)

Sean seems to be getting excited about the baby coming. He announced today that when the baby comes out it will want to play toys! And he has already volunteered his services for diaper changing!! How funny is that?!!

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Sarah said...

You will probably be very thankful for the diaper changing service!! Maybe he can come along and teach Brayden a thing or two this summer for when our new baby arrives!