Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Woo Hoo Stuff is Happening!!!!

So my water broke at noon today while I was just sitting at my computer doing the whole blog reading thing. I sent a quick message to Marko who was at work and then called Jennie to come pick us up. Sean was napping at the time, once Jennie arrived I got him up and he was all like "Hospital, baby come now?!" How wild is that.

At the hospital they assessed me (Marko came in the middle of it). And the verdict was to let the labour progress on its own and it was my choice either to do that at the hospital or to come home. We opted to come home and we also managed to go out to dinner, just Marko and I to one of our favourite restaurants, The Dundee Arms. Jennie stayed with Sean at our place until we got home.

So here's how things stand now, I'm having contractions but nothing worthy of heading back to the hospital..yet anyways. And if things don't pick up on their own, then we're headed into the hospital at 6:30 to be induced. So yeah, this baby is a comin!!!


Carrie K. said...

Yay, a baby - finally! Praying for a quick and uncomplicated delivery.

Bonnie said...

YEAH!!!! GO GIRL GO!! I'm sooooo excited for you all!!