Thursday, February 28, 2008

The 6 Week Appointment

It went well and we even got in to see the doctor on time! Norma was pleased to meet Emma-Lyn and hear her story. Dr.MacDonald was satsified with everything and told me that he enjoyed having me around...I thought that that was an odd thing to say but appreciated it just the same.

On my way out Norma said good bye and see you next time. And I was pleased, since we already have the names picked out for the next time. We're thinking if it's a boy it'll be either Festus or Heckbert and if it's a girl than either Cinnamon or Sage!! LOL!

Happy Birthday Gramma Hope

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Okay, So I'm Not the Sharpest Tack in the Box...

All I wanted to do was come up with a fun idea for a card. I thought it would be cool and fun and just cool. So I rooted through the closet and found all my scrapbooking stuff and other odds and ends when I found it. My stamp pad! I was so excited! Thankfully, I tried my idea on Sean first. I brought him over to the table, set out a clean piece of paper, took his little hand and placed it on the pad and then over to the paper we went...about 4 or 5 times or so. Once I had gotten the hand print I so desperately wanted, I got to the business of cleaning off Sean's hand...

Oh my, what WAS I thinking?!! Soap and water did absolutely nothing, I ran to the computer to see what would take ink off of skin...So I ended up trying; baby oil, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, and just for good measure some baking soda!! The mass result of all of this is that my son now has a purplish coloured palm! Man, if they really do hand out Parent of the Year awards, they must be looking at this incident and thinking that if my kids actually make to their 5th birthdays then they should receive an award for THAT instead!!

Oh well, Sean didn't seem to mind and I couldn't stop singing the Simpson "I am so Smart... S..M..R..T" hehehe

In other news, Emma-Lyn hit a milestone today! She rolled over from her front to her back today! It was quite exciting. She didn’t seem so pleased about it but I was amazed! She’s so cute. She’s started cooing and the like and sometimes it sounds like she’s saying hi...except it’s all kinda breathy and with a bit of a southern drawl to it..

Today was my first big excursion with the kiddos all by myself. I packed them both up in the car and headed for Wal-Mart. I wasn’t going for too long, just had two items I wanted to get, so, I was in and outta there without much ado which was great.

Tomorrow is the big 6 week appointment for me. I can’t wait to show Norma, (the nurse) Emma-Lyn. Sean will be happy to go to the doctor’s office to play with the toys again! I’m excited ‘cause I’ll get the car after the appointment!! More freedom! Woo hoo!

This is Sean helping me do the dishes. His job is to put the cutlery away, a job that he seems to really enjoy! If he sees that there are dishes to be done he'll come get me and suggest we do the dishes!! His other fav job? Taking in the garbage bins!

Emma-Lyn taking in Bible study last night. She LOVED the guitars! This time there were 4 of them. She was so happy just to sit with Jennie and listen to the music.

The rest of these pics are of Emma-Lyn from when she did her first roll over.

Monday, February 25, 2008

You're Never Going to Believe This...

But I actually managed to cut Sean's hair all by myself without any fussing or meltdowns!!
Check it out:
Here is the before picture:

What a mop of Hair!!!

And now the after shot:
Well, would you look at that, the boy actually does have eyebrows and ears!!

I admit it isn't the best job in the world, but I'm just so tickled pink that I actually got his hair cut without any meltdowns!! How did I do it you may be asking? We went to the bathroom where I sat him on the edge of the sink and just went to it. He enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror as well as playing with all the stuff on the counter while, I snipped away as a fast and carefully as I could!

And in other unbelievable news, Saturday was a bit interesting. I had just stepped into the bathroom for what was merely a moment, when Sean decided to drop a book (paperback thankfully) on Emma-Lyn's head!! She let out a howl while he laughed!! I was not impressed. I picked Emma-Lyn up and whispered in her ear, "You better toughen up quick, cause he ain't holdin' back any punches, darlin!!"

That said, Sean really does love his sister. He wants to hold and kiss her and just be with her as seen in the following photos:

Do you suppose they may be planning which nursing home they'll cart me to when I'm old and gray?!

"I wanna hold your hand..."

"I love you, baby sister."
"You know, you're not too bad yourself, big brother."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blessed Beyond Belief

I didn't really think you got to have another baby shower after your first child, but tonight Emma-Lyn and I went to her baby shower! It was really nice, just a few friends and family. Thank you so much to Jenny and Penny for planning and hosting it, both Emma-Lyn and I enjoyed it immensely...okay, so maybe me more than her. It seems that Emma-Lyn will be a Winnie the Pooh girl, she got quite a few cute little outfits with that logo on it. I have to say that two of the best blessings of tonight were: 1) I was told I didn't have to worry about sending thank you takes too much time and can be to my ears. And 2) That Marko and I are an answer to prayer. Have to say that I don't generally think of myself as an answer to prayer. It was a very lovely evening!

So this next picture in particular is for my sister since she was so disappointed that I didn't provide pictures of Sean's artistic debut in purple...So here is the back side of his chalkboard. I didn't bother to clean it off...

Now, just imagine those scribbles on the walls, his bookshelf and desk and chair!!

My sweet baby girl.

Isn't he just soooo adorable?!

My two sweethearts.

The beautiful gifts given to Emma-Lyn. Thanks again everyone, we really appreciate it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love My Friends

I have great friends! And it is always great to get together with them to hang out, play games or do a Bible study.

Marko and I host a Bible study at our place every Tuesday evening. Or at least we did until about Christmas time and then we took some extra time off as we settled into life with a toddler and a newborn. This week was our official start back day! And can I just say that it was spectacular! We had three guitars! So the worship time was lively to say the least! The study itself was encouraging and uplifting. The fellowship time was amazing and full of laughter! I love having our friends in to our place, and I hope they all feel at home when they're here.

Would you believe that Sean slept through all the noise. Or at the very least he didn't come out of his room to investigate what was going on!

Another highlight of this week was today!! One of my favouritest people came to visit for the WHOLE day!! And it was so good to chat with her! Amanda and I went to University (Mount Allison) together. We were even roommates for awhile and oh the times we had! I don't think a visit goes by where we don't end up talking about old times and laughing about all the foolish things we did.

Sean was a little shy at first but then enjoyed having Amanda around. He wanted her to be part of the bedtime routine and asked for her to come sing with us! So sweet! I'd have to say that Emma-Lyn was quite smitten with her also as she seemed to enjoy falling asleep on Amanda's shoulder!
The happy trio.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Colour Purple...

I like the colour purple. It looks really good on grapes and plums and even some articles of clothing. Do you know who else likes the colour purple? Sean does...He likes it a lot...or at least he did this morning.

While I was taking a few minutes to read email and the like while Sean went to his room. Nothing odd or unusual about that. What was unusual was the lack of noise my dear son was making in his room. And the thought did actually cross my mind, that maybe I should go check on the wee lad. But then I heard him cough or sneeze or some other such thing and didn't think anymore about it. Turns out I really should have thought more about it.

After a good 5-10 minutes of alone time in his room, Sean popped out and with a huge smile on his face, came up to me with something protruding out of his mouth. It was crayon, purple crayon. He still had most of it in his hand but apparently he really wanted to know what crayon tasted like. He quickly spit it out and mentioned that it tasted yucky. At this point I began to realize just what my sweet son may have been doing in his room for so long being so quiet with such a lovely shade of crayon in his hand.

I jumped out of my chair, yanked the crayon out of Sean's hand and ran into his room. He had definitely been decorating. Both the outside and inside of his door had been coloured, there were some lovely scribbles on his desk, chair, chalkboard, bookcase and two walls!! Needless to say I was not impressed and at that time not able to see any humour in the situation. I gave Sean a rather loud sermon about where we do and don't colour and there was a spanking.

I had no idea what to use to get crayon off of walls so I tried hot water and dish detergent. It wasn't much use. So I went to the ever helpful Google search and found out that a damp cloth and some baking soda will do the trick. And do the trick it did! Thankfully. Sean is now down for his nap and I think it's time I took a nap too...Hope you're all having a good day!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Would You Believe That This is My 500th Post?!

Wow, 500 posts! Thank you to everyone who has been here since the beginning of this blog! And of course a hearty thank you to all those who have picked up this blog somewhere in between! I hope you've been enjoying all that you've seen, read and heard on the ol' blog!

Now for a quick explanation about the whole Lion Hunt video. (if you haven't watched it yet, you really should go do that first! Believe me it's worth it!) When we (that is the Hopes) were a younger family, my father used to entertain all the nieces and nephews with his hearty rendition of the Lion Hunt. He was so good at it, that even as adults our cousins still clamour for Uncle Garry to do the Lion Hunt. So it was in good Hope tradition that we took Sean on his first Lion Hunt. Now, what you didn't see on the video was once that was done, Sean wanted to do it again! And would you believe that Grampa went through that whole thing again!! And this time Sean did the actions all by himself! It was a hoot!

Here are some random shots from today:

"Please Sir, could I have some more?"

Fun in the water tub!

This pose was Sean's idea. He got up there and told me to take a picture! How cute!

"Sometimes you feel like a nut..."

"Listen dude, you're just getting too close for comfort. Back off!"

"Somebody STOP this thing!!"

Goin' On a Lion Hunt

Goin' On a Lion Hunt from lauraperic on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hanging with the Hopes

It was a great day for a family get together! It was wonderful to have Grampa and Auntie Karina finally have a chance to meet and hold Emma-Lyn. Sean was a great big brother and showered his little sister with many kisses and head rubs.

Funniest quote of the day:
Gramma: "Human babies really are useless..."
Me and Grampa: "Ummm maybe you mean helpless, human babies are very helpless..."

Gramma quickly corrected herself after much laughter and teasing!

Now for the precious pictures:

Grampa admiring his beautiful grand-daughter.

More lovin' from Gramma.

Auntie Karina LOVED holding her baby niece. We were all set to put Emma-Lyn down in her cradle but Karina wasn't having any of that!

And this is what we call, CLASSY!!

Tonight at supper Emma-Lyn was getting fussy so it was time to pull out the Snuggly! It did the trick! I got to eat and she was happy. I also managed to get Sean bathed, put to bed and got a load of dishes washed with her strapped to me!! So sweet.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just a Little Video of Baby Girl

Look What Came in the Mail Today!

We got three parcels in the mail today!! Well, actually they came yesterday, but the mailman put the wrong key to the parcel box in our mail box so we had to wait until today. And today they actually brought the parcels right to our door!

Emma-Lyn is one lucky little girl. She received lots of new clothes and Sean got a couple letters and a special drawing that he just adores:

Auntie Linda and sweet.

All Emma-Lyn's new clothes...Love the camo pants..You can't tell from the pic but it has a pink lining..I can't wait till she's big enough to wear them!

Here she is sporting her new jacket from one of the teachers that works with Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda. Thank you Miss Sandy.

And now here she is in the new jacket from Grammie Peric

She's just not big enough to put in the camo pants and shirts but as soon as she is you can believe I will be putting her in them and taking plenty of pictures!!!

Thank you so much!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentime's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day, I know I did. Sean enjoyed his books and the cupcakes, Marko and I enjoyed our tasty and el cheapo meal and Emma-Lyn? Well, she seemed to enjoy her new soother...well at least for a little while anyways. We had tried her on this soother before with no luck but this evening while I was bathing Sean she just went to town on it. Later though she was not at all interested in the thing so who knows?

Here are some pictures from our day:

Little sweetie pie in her Valentine's style sleeper.

"Oooh my big brother is going to read to me, sure hope it's a good book!"

Snuggle time.

The ultimate in classy Valentine's dinner!

Emma-Lyn and her new soother...have to admit it does look a little freaky.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day is Like Tomorrow...

And what are our wonderful plans for this Hallmark type day? Well, these arrived today for Sean and Emma-Lyn (I didn't think that they would arrive in time for the day but here they are)

Notice a bit of a theme in the top four pictures?! Sean is crazy about trucks and all things with wheels so these are instant winners in his books!

I just LOVE books! I've been reading a series by Beverly Lewis and I'm hoping to get my hands on the next book soon! My mom is already reading it and I really want to keep up so we can discuss the characters and where the author is going with the plot! Must hit the library sometime soon...

Also for Valentine's day I made these:
Yeah, um they're supposed to be in the shape of hearts but they look more like horse's hooves. And the whole four hearts thing really makes it look like I'm celebrating the Scott Tournament of Hearts...Too bad I'm not a curler..well, it's not really that bad since I'm horrible at curling!

And finally, how are Marko and I celebrating the big heart day? We're taking advantage of a great meal deal and getting two Big Mac meals for the price of one!! But that's not all folks oh no, there is much more, for not only do we get the beef we also get to purchase just one spicy buffalo chicken snack wrap and get the second one FREE!!

Oh, yeah we've got burn and sizzle in our relationship!! LOL

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Is Too Funny Not to Share

So as I mentioned Sean and I made cookies yesterday while Daddy was working from home. Daddy isn't usually at home with us during the day but with the bad winter storm it was much wiser to get his work done from the desk/office area just off our kitchen area. As I had finished mixing the batter, Marko asked if there were any beaters that I wanted cleaned. I got them off the mixer and passed them to him to enjoy. Sean was horrified!! Standing on his chair by the counter he turned to Daddy and emphatically stated, "Don't lick them Daddy, yucky Daddy, tastes gross!!" He said it quite a few times but was unable to dissuade Daddy from licking them.

Both Marko and I had a good laugh over that.

Mmmmm, Yummy Cookies

Yesterday Sean and I made yummy chocolate chip cookies! Sean loves to help pour ingredients into the mixing bowl and then help me hold the hand mixer as everything swirls together.

Well, today as Sean was eating his cookie I guess he decided that we had missed a most crucial ingredient and poured plenty of it on top of his cookie...what was this most mysterious ingredient? Pepper! The boy completely covered his cookie with pepper. I tell you I only had my back turned for moment! I let him smell his new creation and he was not impressed!

Today we made chocolate cupcakes and Sean did not put any pepper on them!

It really seems as though we may have come through the worst of Sean's adjustment period (It makes me a tad anxious to say that cause I'm sure no sooner do I say that and Sean will have a major melt down)
Clean up time and bed time are going soooo much better now. He willingly picks up his toys and puts them away and at bed time there's no fussing or getting up over and over again!

He loves his little sister. Emma-Lyn was in her little bouncy seat this afternoon and was starting to fuss so Sean went right over to her, bent over her and reassured her that she was alright. He just kept saying, "You're alright baby, you're alright." How cute is that?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend!

We had a marvelous weekend, made all the better by our friends!!

On Saturday the four of us went out in the morning to the Superstore for some groceries and then came home for lunch and what we thought was going to be a short nap...Turned out Sean wanted to sleep for 2 and half hours! We weren't complaining though. After our nap we dropped in on Brian and Bonnie and the girls. Sean was thrilled to play with Abby again. I think the funniest moment was when the two of them were in the kitchen banging on the glass doors leading out to the deck. Sean decided he would try the handle, Brian turned around and said, "Don't worry that door's locked.." No sooner had he said that than Sean had it unlocked and Abby was opening the door. Partners in crime already!! haha.

That night we had a bunch of the gang in to hang out and play games. Mike and Nancy had brought a couple games over but the night belonged to Jamie and Penny who brought the game called Quelf!! Have you ever played this game?! Oh my word, it is just SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!! There is just so much crazy stuff that you may end up doing. Like take the Stunt that Danielle was supposed to do...the card told her that she was to expose her belly button to her opponents and then squeeze it while imitating her best old man voice to make her belly button say the following, "I've seen a lot of strange things in my time but this beats all by far!" I near wet my pants laughing!! I sooo want to play that game again and soon!

Today we went to a different church. It was really nice, it's the same church that Jennie and Jamie and Penny go to. And it just so happened that today Jamie and Penny were the greeters! So good to see them again so soon! The service was great and it was nice to catch up with some other good friends. Our afternoon was pretty quiet we were anticipating a fairly major storm to come through but it but it never really got too bad.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Yes, today was just down right wonderful which when compared to yesterday and the day before well, I've never had it so good!! Speaking of yesterday, Sean and I had ourselves a bit of a falling out of sorts. You see, Sean has always been really good about picking up his toys before supper time until now. Now, whether this now is because Emma-Lyn is here or it's because the wee little lad is two, I don't really know. All I know is that I'm constantly in a power struggle to get him to clean up and last night was no exception. So me, in all my infinite wisdom, ahem, told Sean that if he didn't pick them up I would pick them up AND I would also take them away! HA (or so I thought) He just looked at me and said, "Mommy pick them up, take away." Say WHAT?!! Argh. But I picked them up and reassured him that the toys would not be here in the morning and he better say good bye to his he did- quite happily I may add. harmph..

I'm sure there was smoke coming out of my ears by that point. But you know what?! I think taking away a lot of his toys was the best thing I could have done! He had a great day today, playing with just a couple of toys. He busied himself by counting them and just imagining with them. It was great to see him be so creative with his toys instead of having melt downs about everything. That's not to say that today didn't see one or two melt downs because certainly there were a couple but not of the magnitude that they had been!! I was soooo happy.

So here's to the weekend everybody!

Don't you just love his new chapeau?!

Hanging out on the couch.

And now for some pictures of Emma-Lyn and this time she doesn't have her head smooshed into a blanket!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today Was Definetly Better!

This morning Sean was super sweet. Marko was taking him to the bathroom when he came running into our room just to come kiss Mommy. He got halfway back to the bathroom and had to come back to give another kiss. Then as he made his way to the bathroom he turned around and blew me a kiss and said, "Mommy sleep now." So sweet. In the mornings Marko usually takes care of the morning routine while I try and catch a few more Zs.

And baby girl is now 3 weeks old!! And I'm almost positive that I got a real smile out of her today! It was so incredibly cute what with her little dimple and all.

This evening once the kiddos were in bed and Marko and I had supper I went myself! And oh, how wonderful a feeling that was! It was so quiet and peaceful and quiet. I went to the Dollarama for a few things and then hit Cotton Ginny. I've been wanting to get a new top or two and still had a gift certificate from CG and decided I'd see if they had any good sales. I got a really nice top for just 10 bucks! I'm so thrilled and the best part?! The shirt is a size extra small!!! I didn't think that there was going to be any way I'd ever fit in it so initially I didn't bother with it. But when all the larger tops that I had picked out weren't working out I asked the clerk to grab me that one and lo, and behold it fit! That said, it is a bit snug but I've started exercising and hopefully it'll fit perfectly in no time.

Yeah, I actually did like 80 crunches today (not all at one time mind you). Sean was quite intrigued with my new exercise program and decided to do what he could to help, by laying his head on my belly. Good to have the extra resistance, I'll have those muscles built back up in no time!! hahaha At this point I'm about 15 pounds away from my pre-pregnant weight and it would be nice to get a little lower than that. So I guess my goal is to loose between 20 and25 pounds.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay, so What Was I Saying?

Yeah, so remember how yesterday I was saying that we had such a great day? Well, today not so much. Sean was not interested in cooperating all that well today which just made things oh so peachy. Unfortunately, for my part I quickly got frustrated with him, myself and the day in general. By lunch time I was wishing for a do-over. Instead I sat down and had a wee little cry and I only tell you this to share with you just how sweet and aware Sean can be. He came over to me and said, "Mommy crying." And I just nodded, then he looked up at me all concerned and asked, "Whatsa matter Mommy?" I couldn't help but grin when he said that. I told myself then, to just "Suck it Up Princess" and got on with the rest of my day.

When Marko came home it must have still been easy to see by my face that the day had not gone particularly well and so do you know what my sweet, loving husband did for me?! He made supper. We enjoyed a lovely meal of pancakes and bacon! Yummmy and hey what better day to have pancakes for supper than Shrove Tuesday! Then he drew me a bath, took out the recycling and got the mail! I LOVE this man!!

This reminds me of a school photo...looks like the boy could do with a hair cut though!

Apparently this is one of Emma-Lyn's favourite poses!

My two sweethearts.