Thursday, February 28, 2008

The 6 Week Appointment

It went well and we even got in to see the doctor on time! Norma was pleased to meet Emma-Lyn and hear her story. Dr.MacDonald was satsified with everything and told me that he enjoyed having me around...I thought that that was an odd thing to say but appreciated it just the same.

On my way out Norma said good bye and see you next time. And I was pleased, since we already have the names picked out for the next time. We're thinking if it's a boy it'll be either Festus or Heckbert and if it's a girl than either Cinnamon or Sage!! LOL!


Sarah said...

I'd go with Festus. I may steal that from you!! LOL

Bonnie said...

Ha ha.. Too late on the name Cinnamon, Brian already claimed it..ha ha ha.. As for my opinion on that name, well that's a different story.