Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Love My Friends

I have great friends! And it is always great to get together with them to hang out, play games or do a Bible study.

Marko and I host a Bible study at our place every Tuesday evening. Or at least we did until about Christmas time and then we took some extra time off as we settled into life with a toddler and a newborn. This week was our official start back day! And can I just say that it was spectacular! We had three guitars! So the worship time was lively to say the least! The study itself was encouraging and uplifting. The fellowship time was amazing and full of laughter! I love having our friends in to our place, and I hope they all feel at home when they're here.

Would you believe that Sean slept through all the noise. Or at the very least he didn't come out of his room to investigate what was going on!

Another highlight of this week was today!! One of my favouritest people came to visit for the WHOLE day!! And it was so good to chat with her! Amanda and I went to University (Mount Allison) together. We were even roommates for awhile and oh the times we had! I don't think a visit goes by where we don't end up talking about old times and laughing about all the foolish things we did.

Sean was a little shy at first but then enjoyed having Amanda around. He wanted her to be part of the bedtime routine and asked for her to come sing with us! So sweet! I'd have to say that Emma-Lyn was quite smitten with her also as she seemed to enjoy falling asleep on Amanda's shoulder!
The happy trio.

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Mainland Weed said...

Thanks, meemer! You're one of my favouritest people in the whole world, too!