Friday, February 15, 2008

Look What Came in the Mail Today!

We got three parcels in the mail today!! Well, actually they came yesterday, but the mailman put the wrong key to the parcel box in our mail box so we had to wait until today. And today they actually brought the parcels right to our door!

Emma-Lyn is one lucky little girl. She received lots of new clothes and Sean got a couple letters and a special drawing that he just adores:

Auntie Linda and sweet.

All Emma-Lyn's new clothes...Love the camo pants..You can't tell from the pic but it has a pink lining..I can't wait till she's big enough to wear them!

Here she is sporting her new jacket from one of the teachers that works with Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda. Thank you Miss Sandy.

And now here she is in the new jacket from Grammie Peric

She's just not big enough to put in the camo pants and shirts but as soon as she is you can believe I will be putting her in them and taking plenty of pictures!!!

Thank you so much!!

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Sarah said...

I love love love the picture of Emma-lyn smiling, she is so sweet!