Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mmmmm, Yummy Cookies

Yesterday Sean and I made yummy chocolate chip cookies! Sean loves to help pour ingredients into the mixing bowl and then help me hold the hand mixer as everything swirls together.

Well, today as Sean was eating his cookie I guess he decided that we had missed a most crucial ingredient and poured plenty of it on top of his cookie...what was this most mysterious ingredient? Pepper! The boy completely covered his cookie with pepper. I tell you I only had my back turned for moment! I let him smell his new creation and he was not impressed!

Today we made chocolate cupcakes and Sean did not put any pepper on them!

It really seems as though we may have come through the worst of Sean's adjustment period (It makes me a tad anxious to say that cause I'm sure no sooner do I say that and Sean will have a major melt down)
Clean up time and bed time are going soooo much better now. He willingly picks up his toys and puts them away and at bed time there's no fussing or getting up over and over again!

He loves his little sister. Emma-Lyn was in her little bouncy seat this afternoon and was starting to fuss so Sean went right over to her, bent over her and reassured her that she was alright. He just kept saying, "You're alright baby, you're alright." How cute is that?

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