Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Okay, So I'm Not the Sharpest Tack in the Box...

All I wanted to do was come up with a fun idea for a card. I thought it would be cool and fun and just cool. So I rooted through the closet and found all my scrapbooking stuff and other odds and ends when I found it. My stamp pad! I was so excited! Thankfully, I tried my idea on Sean first. I brought him over to the table, set out a clean piece of paper, took his little hand and placed it on the pad and then over to the paper we went...about 4 or 5 times or so. Once I had gotten the hand print I so desperately wanted, I got to the business of cleaning off Sean's hand...

Oh my, what WAS I thinking?!! Soap and water did absolutely nothing, I ran to the computer to see what would take ink off of skin...So I ended up trying; baby oil, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, and just for good measure some baking soda!! The mass result of all of this is that my son now has a purplish coloured palm! Man, if they really do hand out Parent of the Year awards, they must be looking at this incident and thinking that if my kids actually make to their 5th birthdays then they should receive an award for THAT instead!!

Oh well, Sean didn't seem to mind and I couldn't stop singing the Simpson "I am so Smart... S..M..R..T" hehehe

In other news, Emma-Lyn hit a milestone today! She rolled over from her front to her back today! It was quite exciting. She didn’t seem so pleased about it but I was amazed! She’s so cute. She’s started cooing and the like and sometimes it sounds like she’s saying hi...except it’s all kinda breathy and with a bit of a southern drawl to it..

Today was my first big excursion with the kiddos all by myself. I packed them both up in the car and headed for Wal-Mart. I wasn’t going for too long, just had two items I wanted to get, so, I was in and outta there without much ado which was great.

Tomorrow is the big 6 week appointment for me. I can’t wait to show Norma, (the nurse) Emma-Lyn. Sean will be happy to go to the doctor’s office to play with the toys again! I’m excited ‘cause I’ll get the car after the appointment!! More freedom! Woo hoo!

This is Sean helping me do the dishes. His job is to put the cutlery away, a job that he seems to really enjoy! If he sees that there are dishes to be done he'll come get me and suggest we do the dishes!! His other fav job? Taking in the garbage bins!

Emma-Lyn taking in Bible study last night. She LOVED the guitars! This time there were 4 of them. She was so happy just to sit with Jennie and listen to the music.

The rest of these pics are of Emma-Lyn from when she did her first roll over.


Mainland Weed said...

Nah, meemer, purple hands are all the rave these days. And for the record, I would have done the same thing (although I'm not sure that's comforting for you!!!).
And hooray for Emma-Lyn! With her new rolling skills and her already strong legs, she'll be crusin' in no time....

Sarah said...

Did you try a baby wipe? I did the same thing to both Brayden's hands and feet one time and baby wipes at least dulled the color down.
YAY for Emma-Lyn!! Good luck at your appointment, I just came from that office myself.