Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay, so What Was I Saying?

Yeah, so remember how yesterday I was saying that we had such a great day? Well, today not so much. Sean was not interested in cooperating all that well today which just made things oh so peachy. Unfortunately, for my part I quickly got frustrated with him, myself and the day in general. By lunch time I was wishing for a do-over. Instead I sat down and had a wee little cry and I only tell you this to share with you just how sweet and aware Sean can be. He came over to me and said, "Mommy crying." And I just nodded, then he looked up at me all concerned and asked, "Whatsa matter Mommy?" I couldn't help but grin when he said that. I told myself then, to just "Suck it Up Princess" and got on with the rest of my day.

When Marko came home it must have still been easy to see by my face that the day had not gone particularly well and so do you know what my sweet, loving husband did for me?! He made supper. We enjoyed a lovely meal of pancakes and bacon! Yummmy and hey what better day to have pancakes for supper than Shrove Tuesday! Then he drew me a bath, took out the recycling and got the mail! I LOVE this man!!

This reminds me of a school photo...looks like the boy could do with a hair cut though!

Apparently this is one of Emma-Lyn's favourite poses!

My two sweethearts.


Spothogg said...

Oh, how many times have I felt like this?! And I only have ONE child.. HOW.DO.YOU.DO.IT!!!???

Our boys are almost the same age! Hunter was born on 10/5/05!

Thanks for leaving me a comment ... I've heard the whole "distraction by bringing attention to yourself" argument, and yes, in some cases it's true... it's a hard and fine line to draw, though.

But -- If you continue worshiping as the Spirit prompts, and you will be blessed.

GiBee said...

Ummm ... that was ME -- GiBee at kisses of sunshine -- that left that comment from a weird person's name. I was logged in as my husband's blog.... sorry for the confusion.