Friday, February 01, 2008

Some More Sweet Pictures of My Kiddos

Hmmm, you know I really should take my husband's advice. I had written out this post when I realized I had missed a picture so I copied my text and then played around with the pictures. Marko had warned me, more than once I should admit, to save my work to notepad or the like...well, I didn't. I thought I had it all figured out and wouldn't you know it, I lost my work by trying to copy and paste a picture...Oh yes, I am so smart...S..M..R..T!!!

So what was I trying to say anyways, I guess I was just talking about how Sean and I have good times and rough times. And today was a LOT of the rough stuff. It seems the boy takes three steps forward in his behaviour and then two steps back...Which frustrates me to no end. And I would just like to know why he decides that when I'm feeding Emma-Lyn that that should be the time I have to get him something to eat/drink or he desperately needs me to fix/play/read something to him!! And then if I tell him I'm not able to do right then his next course of action is to have a meltdown about the whole thing, like the whole world is going to come crashing down around him if his needs are not met right. this. very. second! And, yes I know, he's going through a BIG adjustment and will for awhile I guess...I just miss having my carefree little guy all the time. Thankfully, this too shall pass...eventually--or at least that's what they tell me!

"I'd just like to poke you a bit."

Kisses for his little sister. I live for these moments.

"Wow, would you look at the beautiful handiwork in this blanket!"

More of our sweet baby girl.

And how's this for a parting shot?

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Anonymous said...

Hello. Your pictures of your sweetest blessings are so beautiful and cute!!! Emma-Lyn's eyes are so BIG and lovely! Oh that Sean is just a absolute charmer!! It seems hard to believe that such a sweet lil' guy could turn into a mean lil' imp when you look into those sparkly eyes and bright cheerful grin! Oh well, I still think your doing a great job as a mom and I love reading all about it on your blog!

Lots a love from ME to all of you!!
CrAzY dragon