Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Today Was Definetly Better!

This morning Sean was super sweet. Marko was taking him to the bathroom when he came running into our room just to come kiss Mommy. He got halfway back to the bathroom and had to come back to give another kiss. Then as he made his way to the bathroom he turned around and blew me a kiss and said, "Mommy sleep now." So sweet. In the mornings Marko usually takes care of the morning routine while I try and catch a few more Zs.

And baby girl is now 3 weeks old!! And I'm almost positive that I got a real smile out of her today! It was so incredibly cute what with her little dimple and all.

This evening once the kiddos were in bed and Marko and I had supper I went myself! And oh, how wonderful a feeling that was! It was so quiet and peaceful and quiet. I went to the Dollarama for a few things and then hit Cotton Ginny. I've been wanting to get a new top or two and still had a gift certificate from CG and decided I'd see if they had any good sales. I got a really nice top for just 10 bucks! I'm so thrilled and the best part?! The shirt is a size extra small!!! I didn't think that there was going to be any way I'd ever fit in it so initially I didn't bother with it. But when all the larger tops that I had picked out weren't working out I asked the clerk to grab me that one and lo, and behold it fit! That said, it is a bit snug but I've started exercising and hopefully it'll fit perfectly in no time.

Yeah, I actually did like 80 crunches today (not all at one time mind you). Sean was quite intrigued with my new exercise program and decided to do what he could to help, by laying his head on my belly. Good to have the extra resistance, I'll have those muscles built back up in no time!! hahaha At this point I'm about 15 pounds away from my pre-pregnant weight and it would be nice to get a little lower than that. So I guess my goal is to loose between 20 and25 pounds.

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Sarah said...

Good luck with the weight loss. Once I'm done of work, I'll head into town with the wagon and we can go the park for a nice long walk!