Monday, February 04, 2008

We're Getting There...

Slowly but surely we are coming to adjust to our new normal. Sean has had the roughest go of it, I'd say, but today he was back to his cheery little self with only one melt down, which for a two year old, I would say is pretty darn good. Emma-Lyn is doing great! She nurses and then pretty much goes to sleep right after. She has some awake times during the day and then oddly enough, she has a bit of a cranky time from around 8pm until 9. Nothing too serious and easily managed so I'm not complaining. Last night she nursed at around midnight and the next feeding wasn't until 5:30! I was pleased.

I just want to thank so many folks for their gifts. Thanks to Hannah and Gerry and Sharon for the food! We certainly do appreciate the home cooked meals! Thank you to Sarah MacKay for the sweet outfit for Emma-Lyn and the play dough for Sean! Thank you Mary for the card and cash, that will certainly come in handy...Big thank you to my mom for letting me talk to her every evening and being so encouraging! All of this has certainly helped us out a lot!

We don't have any big plans for this week so I'll have to take more pictures so I have something to post about! :) Guess I may have to call people to see if they'd like to come visit!

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Sarah said...

Glad to hear everyone is settling in and that you enjoyed the gifts. Brayden likes playdoh, not so much the taste, but the shapes and such, I thought Sean might like to make something too.