Monday, February 25, 2008

You're Never Going to Believe This...

But I actually managed to cut Sean's hair all by myself without any fussing or meltdowns!!
Check it out:
Here is the before picture:

What a mop of Hair!!!

And now the after shot:
Well, would you look at that, the boy actually does have eyebrows and ears!!

I admit it isn't the best job in the world, but I'm just so tickled pink that I actually got his hair cut without any meltdowns!! How did I do it you may be asking? We went to the bathroom where I sat him on the edge of the sink and just went to it. He enjoyed looking at himself in the mirror as well as playing with all the stuff on the counter while, I snipped away as a fast and carefully as I could!

And in other unbelievable news, Saturday was a bit interesting. I had just stepped into the bathroom for what was merely a moment, when Sean decided to drop a book (paperback thankfully) on Emma-Lyn's head!! She let out a howl while he laughed!! I was not impressed. I picked Emma-Lyn up and whispered in her ear, "You better toughen up quick, cause he ain't holdin' back any punches, darlin!!"

That said, Sean really does love his sister. He wants to hold and kiss her and just be with her as seen in the following photos:

Do you suppose they may be planning which nursing home they'll cart me to when I'm old and gray?!

"I wanna hold your hand..."

"I love you, baby sister."
"You know, you're not too bad yourself, big brother."


Candace said...

Beautiful babies!!!

Anonymous said...

You've done a wonderful job with Sean's hair! I didn't realize how long his hair was getting! Now it looks so good! Its nice to see the rest of the little man's facial features! He's such a cutie!! And Emma-Lyn, of course, is a natural beauty much like her mother.

Love you all lots and lots,
From ME!
CrAzY dragon

Anonymous said...

you did a great job , Laura. They sure are cuties !
Grammie Peric

Sarah said...

I love the last picture of Sean and Emma-Lyn, it is so sweet. Sean's haircut looks stylin'!

Mainland Weed said...

Good job, weed!! I'm so proud *tearing up*. What a pair of sweeties!