Sunday, March 30, 2008

My What a Day!

It has been a day for the Perics. We went to church and everything was going great! About half way through the first service I made a startling realization--I was wearing a dress! (I know what your thinking, why did it take me this long to realize what I was wearing?!) But I guess the real realization was the implications that wearing a dress has! In this dress there was little to no way that I would be able to nurse Emma-Lyn, short of hiking my dress up around my neck! Not a fun prospect. My only option, feed her in the privacy of the bathroom. While the bathroom is not my preferred place to nurse, it was pretty much the only place to go to get enough privacy. So yeah, that was lots of fun...But not as much fun as what happened after church...

I had packed Emma-Lyn up in her car seat and was waiting for Marko and Sean to come up with my coat so we could head home. Sean came up bawling and Marko wasn't all that sure why. I held Sean in my arms and told him he was alright and that we were heading home for some yummy lunch. This seemed to pacify him somewhat but he still wasn't convinced.

Once we got home we realized that Sean wasn't just grumpy or fussing, something was definitely wrong. He was favouring his left arm and basically wouldn't do anything with it. He wouldn't even hold a graham cracker with it. We gave him some Tylenol and fed him his lunch which wasn't much, he kept fussing and talking about his arm being sore. We put him down for his nap and then Marko started researching what might be wrong with him on the web. From his symptoms it would seem that Sean was suffering from Nurse Maid elbow. Basically the tendon around his elbow was out of place and causing a lot of discomfort and would need to be treated by a doctor. So this meant that we would either have to go to a clinic or the ER. We opted for the clinic. We also decided to ask Brian and Bonnie for their help and left Emma-Lyn in their care while we took care of Sean.

At the first clinic we went to, they had already finished taking in patients so we went off to the next one only to find out it was full to overflowing and the people last in line had been told that they have at least a 2 hour wait. So off the the ER we went. Thankfully we got in and looked at fairly quickly there. The doctor was able to hold Sean's elbow and twist his arm one way and then the other and that was that. Sean was cured--the tendon was back in place. Sean was quite anxious by this point to leave and go see Abby. So yeah, he was back to his old self. Phew!!

In other news, my Uncle John and Aunt Gwen celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend! Happy Anniversary Uncle John and Aunt Gwen! So did my mom and dad shock the snot outta ya when they showed up on your doorstep?!! :)

Here is a picture of my folks with my dad's brothers and sisters and their spouses.

Going from the left: Front row, Aunt Karen, Aunt Gwen (the blushing bride!), Aunt MaryJane, Auntie Fran. Back row, Uncle Max, Mom, Dad, Uncle John (the proud groom!), Uncle Barry and Peter.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What We've Been Up To Lately

On Thursday morning Sean got to have fun playing with his friend Menita. Menita will be coming over more often to play with Sean since her Mommy just got a new job. Congrats, Melissa! I have to say the morning was not what I expected. I thought the two of them would be running from one end of the apartment to the other squealing all the way. While there was some squealing there was very little running. And where I thought they'd need me to help them play they really didn't seem to need me at all. There were a couple of times where they both wanted the same toy but usually they sorted it out and went back to playing again.

Menita and Sean sitting on the couch. Apparently this is how all the pre-schoolers are doing it these days!!

Bet you didn't know that plastic Easter eggs could double as sunglasses!

Ahhh, my favourite and yours, story time. How cute is that? Sean kept wanting to sit right beside Menita

Later on that day, Sean and I went outside to get the mail and get some fresh air. Can you spot the squirrel in this picture?

Okay, so I'm no wheres near a top notch, not even a bottom notch photographer, but if you look closely you'll see his little tail between the garbage bins.

Here is his close up shot: You know, in case you've never seen a squirrel before.

Sean really liked the squirrel and tried to catch it without much luck.

On Friday morning Sean, Emma-Lyn and I headed out to the Health Nurse for Emma-Lyn's 2 month needles. I was a little anxious about how Sean was going to behave for this excursion but he was good as gold. Before we went, I had sat down with him and talked with him about what was going to happen and what I expected of him and I really think that helped. Because when we were leaving he started to act up, so I sat him down and reminded him about what we had talked about and he was fine after that.

Emma-Lyn did great for her needles, there were three of them! She did cry but not for very long and was settled in her car seat in no time. She seems a bit cranky today but nothing too major.

Last night we had the gang in for some chocolate fondue fun and some SingStar competition 90's style! What a BLAST! I had so much fun singing those songs and dancing like a crazy person. We were up a little later than we had planned and now I'm paying for it! Oh well, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My New Do

With all that cleaning done I thought it was high time I did something about my hair! And so here it is:

I wasn't sure what I thought of it at first, I had just asked to get my hair trimmed to just above my shoulders but I think I really like it now. My favourite part about this cut is that I CAN'T put it up in a stupid pony tail any more!!

Time to Purge!!

Today was a day of crazy cleaning. The back room, which really is a set of stairs to the landlord's has been piling up and piling up into a crazy crowded room of crap! So much stuff, too much stuff to be exact! Just look at these before shots:

There were also a few more chairs in here too but I took them out yesterday for our Bible study supper get together.

More junk...
And even more junk going up the stairs. The scary part is thinking that this is an emergency exit out of our apartment! Not smart to have all this junk piled up like this.

So today I tackled the room of junk. And oh my land, we have too much stuff, here's a look at what the apartment looked like in the middle of getting things outta there and getting organized:
It's like it just exploded into the kitchen...

And the living room.
By times I would start feeling overwhelmed and I would have to force myself to concentrate on one thing, like putting good will stuff together to get through this momentous task.

But I did finally get everything sorted. I even managed to clear out our laundry room of the stuff that was in there and I got a couple loads of laundry done while I was at it. Phew! And now the end result:

Nice piles of useful stuff.

And, well would you looky here, there really is a set of stairs in there!!

I am so glad to have that done. Sean was thrilled to see so many of his old toys again. I let him play with some of them and some I may let him have for awhile again, he was having so much fun.

Like in this photo, he's washing his lawn mower. I'm thinking he's going to be one of those guys that really enjoys washing his car when he grows up.

Today was a big day not just because we did a major cleaning job but also because Sean finished his potty sticker chart. Every time he comes to the potty with a dry pull-up and has a good pee, he would get a couple of stickers. And today he finished the chart and his reward was an ice cream covered in sprinkles at the Dairy Queen. He was THRILLED!!

Doesn't he look so proud!

Waiting in anticipation at the DQ.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Quiet Easter at Home

We enjoyed a windy yet quiet Easter here, which considering Sean's activity level is quite the thing! In the morning we rushed off to church and enjoyed both services.

After lunch and nap time it was Easter egg hunt time. Sean was especially excited about this! He had a great time searching for and finding all the Easter eggs, calling out the colours of them as he found them.

After the hunt we went and visited Marko's Nanny for awhile. This was Nanny's first time meeting Emma-Lyn. Emma-Lyn gave her smiles and seemed quite content to sit with her for quite awhile. Sean was his ever exploratory self and was looking at and getting into everything. He loves going to Nanny's since there's always a few tractors or big rigs about to look at.

Sean showing off his new camo boots. He calls them his moo cow boots!

Emma-Lyn in her Easter outfit...Sarah, I think you might find this outfit familiar.

Sean with his new to him suit on.

A new toy for Sean, some peeka-balls and a dispenser. Sean loved playing with this today too.

Nanny P. with her great-grandchildren.

Happy Easter

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Making Up For Lost Time

Well, remember how I told you that Emma-Lyn doesn't really poop all that much at all?! Yeah, well I think all that has ended. Today baby girl had two really big poops all by herself. They were quite far reaching if you know what I mean! So it looks like she has managed to self correct her pooper. I know, you're just so excited to read about this!

Oh So Blessed

My what a week it has been! Full of many surprises! I got a really sweet card in the mail from a gal from church that was totally unexpected but oh so appreciated. I don't think I've ever gotten a Thinking of You card before so it was really special for me.

Then on Wednesday, I got quite the surprise when an email arrived from a friend of ours offering to have our supper delivered to us! That was the tastiest pizza and garlic fingers I've had in awhile! Yummmy! Thanks guys!

On Thursday Marko and I received our Child Benefit cheque which was a whole heapinsful more than we thought it would be! So to celebrate we treated ourselves to a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms.

Friday night was an absolute blast since Karen, Tammy and I got to celebrate Jennie's birthday. I'm going to dedicate a whole post to that momentous occasion. (Marko stayed home and had some of the guys in to play Settlers.)

Tonight some of the girls are coming over and we're going to knit! That probably doesn't sound all that exciting but I'm all about just having a few gals in and doing something not too strenuous. Marko is going to go out to play Risk with some of the guys.

And of course tomorrow is Easter so there's church to go to and some Easter eggs to hide for Sean. While I was over at Tammy's she gave me 2 boxes full of hand me downs including a sweet little suit, just in time for Easter.

The only not so great surprise was in the middle of the week I got really sick! But thankfully it lasted only one night. The next day I was really weak and tired but not feeling sick any more. Sean and I had a bit of a rough day but not as bad as it would have been if I had been sick through the day.

Oh, today we picked up some new rain boots that have blue camo on them. So cute! Can't wait to let Sean go splashing in puddles with those on his tootsies!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Where to Find the Time...

to blog that is. I was asked not that long ago where I find the time to blog so I thought it would be fun to give you a quick little review of what a day in the life of the Peric household looks like.

5:00 am or so I'm up to feed Emma-Lyn. About 10 minutes later we're both back down for more sleep.

6:00 Sean is up and so is Daddy. They're off and running to start the day. Marko changes Sean's diaper and gets him dressed as well as getting breakfast into him.

6:40 or so, I roll outta bed to let Marko get a couple more winks before officially starting his day. I get my coffee and then Sean and I will read or play together.

7:10 Marko is up and off to the shower.

7:30 Sean and I watch Monkey George (that is, Curious George) Halfway through Marko will bless both Sean and I and be off to work.

8:00 or thereabouts, Emma-Lyn is up for another feeding. This time she stays up for a while to check things out and have her big brother play with her.

8:30- 10:00 I try to get housework done. Which is different from day to day. Today it was sweeping the floors in the kitchen and living room, doing laundry and catching up on dishes.

10:00 is snack time. Both Sean and I enjoy snack time! Emma-Lyn is usually napping at this point.

10:30 -11:30 is more play time. Sometimes this is when Sean and I will do our baking and other times I try to do a specific craft type activity with him. Like today we did more paint hand prints (his favourite!)

11:30 is lunch time. Emma-Lyn usually wakes up in the middle of this so I quickly wrap up lunch with Sean, take him to the potty, read his nap time story, sing, pray and off to dreamland he goes.

12:20 or thereabouts I get Emma-Lyn fed and enjoy her company just me and her for awhile. Once she is back down I might also grab a nap or I'll read my Bible and pray or catch up on email.

1:30 Sean is usually up by now and we go to check the mail (we have one of those community mail boxes which is about 50 feet from the end of our driveway) We also might stay out for a bit depending on the weather and how long Emma-Lyn has been down for her nap.

2:30 Grab a second viewing of good ol' Monkey George.

3:00 Emma-Lyn is up for another feeding and some awake time. She goes on the floor for some tummy time and then into her swing. Sean likes to grab his blanket and lay beside her for tummy time.

3:00 - 5:30 is play time and supper prep. Play time can include playing ball, or driving trucks or just reading and rereading Sean's favourite books.

5:30 is clean up time for Sean and usually another feeding for Emma-Lyn.

5:45 is supper time for Sean. Emma-Lyn hangs out in her swing while Sean and I do supper. I like to read scripture verses to him then. He seems less distracted then and hey why not feed your soul while filling your body right?!

6:15 is bath time. Usually half way through bath time Marko comes home and takes Emma-Lyn out of the swing to give her some lovin'

6:30 we're heading off to bed. I take Emma-Lyn from Marko and he and Sean get comfortable on Sean's bed while Emma-Lyn and I also cuddle up on the bed. Marko reads the bedtime story. Then Marko and I sing 2 lullabies and Marko prays over Sean and Emma-Lyn.

7:00 The boy should be in bed and off to dreamland. But this is not always the case so sometimes we get a couple more visits before the little lad takes the hint.

7:10 It's Emma-Lyn's turn for the bath and then a feeding and then she too is off to sleep.

7:30 Marko and I get to have our supper.

8:00 - 11:30 is time for us to get anything that needs to be done done. For instance any laundry I didn't get finished or the garbage goes out OR I get to blog! So that's when I do it.

12:30 Emma-Lyn is up for feeding. 10 minutes later she and I are both back to bed to start things up again around 5 in the morning!

So there you have it a brief snapshot into life at our house. Today when Sean and I were doing the handprint thing he happened to spy a pair of children's scissors and wanted desperately to try them out. So I showed him how they worked, fit his little fingers in the holes and held the paper for him as he snipped away chanting "Open, shut, open shut," as the blades cut through the paper. He did a great job! He's getting to be such a big boy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby Shower

This was Emma-Lyn's third baby shower and this was from her Grammie's family. We had a lovely time and Emma-Lyn picked up a lot of nice things. She will have plenty to wear right until she's 3!! And you will notice that there are two big books and a dinosaur on the couch. Those were big brother presents for Sean. And let me just tell you that he adores them!!

I do have a couple pictures from the shower itself to post but I have to jigger with them first.

Guess Who?!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I Must Be Old!

Wow, I guess all that hootin' and hollern' took it all outta me. Ugh! Today has been just one uphill climb. I have felt tired all day so here's my post for today. Not much to say but a few pretty sweet pictures. Don't you agree?

Some of baby girl on the clown blanket from Great Auntie Gwen:

I LOVE this picture of her!

And Sean, our very own matador! He was chasing the dust all over the living room!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Growing Girl

Emma-Lyn did great at the doctor's. We found out that she is 11 lbs 8 oz and she's 22 inches long! I asked the doctor about her pooping thing (she still isn't doing it on a regular basis) and he wasn't all that concerned. Turns out one of his own children went through the same thing. He said that they usually will self correct if not soon, then by the time you start introducing solids. This was good to know.

While Emma-Lyn and I were at the doctor's, Sean was over visiting one of his most favourite people in the world: Abby! And for some reason he has got it in his head that he must call her Abigail. So funny. He had a wonderful time. Our other friends, Lori (the mommy) and Lindsay also popped over so Sean was ecstatic! It was quite a full house when baby girl and I finally made it back. We ended up spending most of our day over there which was wonderful. I got to have a lovely chat with Bonnie while while the kiddos played or in Emma-Lyn's case, slept.

This evening was even more fun, well for me anyways. I got to go to one of the Esso Women's Nationals hockey games!! Oh, how I love me some real live hockey!! Thank you so much Melissa for inviting me along! It was a BLAST! Mississauga was playing Calgary. We were rooting for Calgary (Hayley Wickenheiser plays on that team) and man, were they ever good!! They won 6-1. So, you know I did a whole lot whooping and hollering!! And now I am very tired and ready to go to bed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Should I Do Now

During the day I don't usually find myself asking that question. Usually there is always plenty to do to keep running around. There's usually dishes and laundry and the floors to sweep and so on. No sooner do I have something done then theres some other task just waiting to be done.

But today, I got done what I wanted to do and was left standing in the kitchen wondering what to do next. Emma-Lyn was sleeping and Sean was playing happily by himself so they didn't need me. The kitchen and basically the rest of the apartment looked good. So I sat myself down and did some knitting!! The last time I had a moment to sit and knit, was probably before Christmas. It was really nice to sit down and finish up an afghan I had been working on. I was really surprised that Sean didn't bother me while I was working. He did come over and check the whole thing out though.

Cute story about Sean: First, I should mention that there have been times where Sean having done something wrong, I would growl him. And then afterwards I would apologize for raising my voice and ask him to forgive me, which he seems quite happy to do.

So, this evening just after bath time, Sean was sitting on the pot and I had to get up and get something from our room so I told him to stay there and that I would be back in a minute. No sooner had I gotten to our room but Sean was hot on my trail. I spun around, pointed to the door, raised my voice and told him to get back to the bathroom. He quickly got himself turned around and back in the bathroom in no time.

When I rejoined him there, I scowled at him and was going to share a quick sermon on staying put when Mommy asks you to, when he quickly interjected with an "I'm sorry Mommy, I'm sorry." He was looking so sincere, that I let it drop and got to the business of getting him dressed again. As he got up from the pot, he looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I forgive you, Mommy. I forgive you." I didn't realize that I needed forgiving this time, but I'll accept it anyways! :)

Tomorrow is a big day for Emma-Lyn. It's her 2 month doctor's appointment. I can hardly believe that she's going to be 2 months old!! I can't wait to find out how much she's grown!

Monday, March 10, 2008


To me there is nearly nothing quite so satisfying as getting a list of job or a list of goals for your day completed! While I didn't get everything done on my list I do feel as though I accomplished a lot of what I set out to do. And here I am blogging once again which means another check mark on my little list. Other checked activities of today include: washing dishes, doing laundry (still have some folding to do), baked cookies (even managed to burn some...not on my list), swept the living room and kitchen floor, checked the mail and took the kiddies for a walk around the neighbourhood. The biggest feat of my day was to go through all of Emma-Lyn's new clothes. All of which I had been piling up in her crib (she sleeps in her cradle in case you were worried that we let her sleep on a pile of clothes). I sorted it all and put it all away in her dresser. Phew!

Tomorrow should be a fun day if not merely interesting. Sean, Emma-Lyn and I are going to the Ladies Bible Study held at the chapel in the morning! I have been debating for quite some time whether I had the nerve/energy to go back. Marko mentioned that he thought it would be good for us to go and I suppose he may just be right! So here's hoping tomorrow goes really well!!

Here are a couple pics of baby girl in one of her new jackets. This one is from Mike and Nancy. Thanks guys, she looks pretty cute!

Here are some sweet pics of Sean as the budding chef that he is:

So much like his Daddy is that picture.

And now some pictures of Sean as the budding artist that he is:

Check it out, hand prints! And this time the boy doesn't have a purple stain on his hand!! Yay for washable paint!

Finally My Pictures From Yesterday

It took some doing but here are the pictures I wanted to post yesterday. Even today they didn't want to load altogether so I had to load them individually.

Here's what we were met with yesterday morning:

Lots of ice but it was quickly melting away. While I'm totally ready for winter to be over, I just love how the trees and bushes look coated in ice.

Emma-Lyn had a new dress that I wanted to put her in for church so here are a few snapshots of Sean holding baby girl in her new outfit:

Aren't they just too adorable?!!

And here's one of just Emma-Lyn:

That night Sean decided to put his culinary skills to the test:

Mmmmm, nothing says tasty like peanut butter and jam toast topped with peas!!

And what better to do with peas than to apply them to your forehead!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Student Loan Game

And oh what a game of tears and more tears and the occasional "I WIN!!" it is!

I wasn't going to post about this tonight but since the server is having issues with uploading my pictures I guess I'll take the opportunity to share.

You may remember in my post about what I learned, that I mentioned calling about my student loan, I would like to let you in on a little secret that I happened to stumble upon in my dealings with paying off my student loan. Some of you may find this information useful, others may find it merely interesting and others may just find it.

Here's what I know and have experienced. First off, the cost of a university education is utterly ridiculous! Secondly, the amount of money a student needs to borrow for this education is equally ludicrous! Thirdly, I have the education and the debt to prove it!

I have my B.A and my B.Ed. For those of you counting that's six years of education and filling out loan applications. None of which were all that small. In fact by the end of the six years my debt toll was hovering some where around the 40,000 dollar mark!! That's a lot of moolah to make up! Here's the thing, once you've completed your education and are off in the work force you do have an option open to you as far as payments are concerned. It's called Interest Relief and it's wonderful!! You have a maximum of 30 months of NO payments and your interest won't increase over that time. All you have to do is fill out a form and send proof of your income for the past 3 months. This helped me a LOT!

But what was even better was finding out about Debt Reduction. This my friends is a bit of a secret as they won't just tell you about it, you have to ask for it. It is totally worth it! The hitch here is that you have to be out of school for at least 5 years. If that is your current status, then by all means APPLY! Again, you fill out their form and provide proof of your income (in this case I think you need to provide 12 months). Assuming all goes well, they will then deduct up to 50% or 10,000 dollars off your loan!! That's it, it's gone and your payments will reflect this. Then, (and this is the exciting part) if you are able to make those payments for a year, you are able to apply again and get the same thing! And that's not all if again, you are able to make those new payments you get one last kick at the kitty to get more money docked off! It sounds almost too good to be true but it does work. We have applied twice (so we have one last chance) and have had 20 grand taken off my loan!!

So yeah, this is where you insert the "I WIN"

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Could This Be Spring?!

Probably not but I'll enjoy the good weather while it's here!

Yesterday Sean, Emma-Lyn, Jennie and I went down to the boardwalk for a walk. It was lovely. The sun was shining, the breeze was warm and the boardwalk was covered in huge puddles for Sean to jump in! He had a great time. Not only were there puddles to splash in, there were people to charm and puppy dogs to pet. Sean was having a glorious time. I must admit that I was too. It was just so good to get out and do something and not be all cooped up in the apartment. Sean was soaking wet by the time we got back to the car!

That night I got to be social again and go out with Jennie and Hannah sans kiddos!! This was also a lot of fun. We went to the bulk barn first to pick up some random goodies to eat while we watched a chick flick. The funniest things we got to eat were gummy teeth (I hope to get a pic of this) and huge jaw breakers!

Today I was out and about quite a bit. First I was out with Bonnie to do some shopping, this time Emma-Lyn came too. I bought a Thomas the Tank Engine book for Sean. It was one that had James on the front. Sean has been talking a lot about James so I thought he might really like to have a book just with James on it. And I got Emma-Lyn's first pair of tights so now, maybe she can wear some of her dresses.

This afternoon I went to my first piano lesson!! It was great. Jennie is a great teacher! I am so glad to be doing this. Can't wait for my next lesson.

Tonight we had Bonnie and Brian over and played Cranium Pop5, which is a pretty neat game. We'll have to play it again with the whole gang some time!

I've had a pretty social weekend so far and tomorrow we go to church...that is if we remember to set our clocks ahead tonight!! :)

Now for some pictures from our walk down on the boardwalk:

Good times in puddles.

Little man on a mission.

Splashing time!

Going all Out!

The real sign of spring...dumb flies!!