Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Car Wash

Oh, the exciting life we lead when for kicks we go to the car wash. Well, I guess it wasn't just for kicks since Jennie's car did look like this:

Obviously, something had to be done and Jennie was kind enough to let us come along for the ride. This would be Sean and Emma-Lyn's first experience of going through the drive-thru car wash! I thought it might be fun to document this monumental occasion on the blog so here we go...fasten your seat belts for this most exciting ride!

Waiting in line...we started out in this line but the truck in the other line went in first so we ducked in there instead.

"We're going to do what with the car now?"

The driver of the very dirty car. There was a picture taken of me too but I just looked really odd and since I am the author of the blog I get to pick what goes up and what never sees the light of day!

Ohhhhh, the fun soapy goop stuff spraying down on the dirty car.

"Look a rainbow!" He actually did say this!

And would you look at her now!! Spotless! No more dirty car.

And that was our fun excursion to the car wash. Sean seemed cool with the whole thing and of course wanted to do it again. Emma-Lyn pretty much slept through the whole thing. As seen here:

Now this picture wasn't taken in the car but you get the idea. :)

And I just thought she was looking ultra cute in her little dress and super sweet booties and thought I should share!

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Bonnie said...

Hey Laura, Emma-Lyn looks beautiful in the dress. As for your hidden picture of you at the car wash, let's see it gal..hee hee.. :)