Monday, March 10, 2008

Finally My Pictures From Yesterday

It took some doing but here are the pictures I wanted to post yesterday. Even today they didn't want to load altogether so I had to load them individually.

Here's what we were met with yesterday morning:

Lots of ice but it was quickly melting away. While I'm totally ready for winter to be over, I just love how the trees and bushes look coated in ice.

Emma-Lyn had a new dress that I wanted to put her in for church so here are a few snapshots of Sean holding baby girl in her new outfit:

Aren't they just too adorable?!!

And here's one of just Emma-Lyn:

That night Sean decided to put his culinary skills to the test:

Mmmmm, nothing says tasty like peanut butter and jam toast topped with peas!!

And what better to do with peas than to apply them to your forehead!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Emma-Lyn is so beautiful in her new dress! Sean, as always, is cute as the buttons!!
You, my dear sister, are absolutely wonderful and perfect in everyway!!

Love you all lots and lots!

CrAzY dragon