Sunday, March 30, 2008

My What a Day!

It has been a day for the Perics. We went to church and everything was going great! About half way through the first service I made a startling realization--I was wearing a dress! (I know what your thinking, why did it take me this long to realize what I was wearing?!) But I guess the real realization was the implications that wearing a dress has! In this dress there was little to no way that I would be able to nurse Emma-Lyn, short of hiking my dress up around my neck! Not a fun prospect. My only option, feed her in the privacy of the bathroom. While the bathroom is not my preferred place to nurse, it was pretty much the only place to go to get enough privacy. So yeah, that was lots of fun...But not as much fun as what happened after church...

I had packed Emma-Lyn up in her car seat and was waiting for Marko and Sean to come up with my coat so we could head home. Sean came up bawling and Marko wasn't all that sure why. I held Sean in my arms and told him he was alright and that we were heading home for some yummy lunch. This seemed to pacify him somewhat but he still wasn't convinced.

Once we got home we realized that Sean wasn't just grumpy or fussing, something was definitely wrong. He was favouring his left arm and basically wouldn't do anything with it. He wouldn't even hold a graham cracker with it. We gave him some Tylenol and fed him his lunch which wasn't much, he kept fussing and talking about his arm being sore. We put him down for his nap and then Marko started researching what might be wrong with him on the web. From his symptoms it would seem that Sean was suffering from Nurse Maid elbow. Basically the tendon around his elbow was out of place and causing a lot of discomfort and would need to be treated by a doctor. So this meant that we would either have to go to a clinic or the ER. We opted for the clinic. We also decided to ask Brian and Bonnie for their help and left Emma-Lyn in their care while we took care of Sean.

At the first clinic we went to, they had already finished taking in patients so we went off to the next one only to find out it was full to overflowing and the people last in line had been told that they have at least a 2 hour wait. So off the the ER we went. Thankfully we got in and looked at fairly quickly there. The doctor was able to hold Sean's elbow and twist his arm one way and then the other and that was that. Sean was cured--the tendon was back in place. Sean was quite anxious by this point to leave and go see Abby. So yeah, he was back to his old self. Phew!!

In other news, my Uncle John and Aunt Gwen celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend! Happy Anniversary Uncle John and Aunt Gwen! So did my mom and dad shock the snot outta ya when they showed up on your doorstep?!! :)

Here is a picture of my folks with my dad's brothers and sisters and their spouses.

Going from the left: Front row, Aunt Karen, Aunt Gwen (the blushing bride!), Aunt MaryJane, Auntie Fran. Back row, Uncle Max, Mom, Dad, Uncle John (the proud groom!), Uncle Barry and Peter.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Laura,how very nice of you to post that. Dad & I are ready to go to the Airport. Will not be in Salem until approx midnight, will phone tomorrow eveing.
Love Mom

mary e said...

I look forward to being able to wear a dress to church again!