Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Growing Girl

Emma-Lyn did great at the doctor's. We found out that she is 11 lbs 8 oz and she's 22 inches long! I asked the doctor about her pooping thing (she still isn't doing it on a regular basis) and he wasn't all that concerned. Turns out one of his own children went through the same thing. He said that they usually will self correct if not soon, then by the time you start introducing solids. This was good to know.

While Emma-Lyn and I were at the doctor's, Sean was over visiting one of his most favourite people in the world: Abby! And for some reason he has got it in his head that he must call her Abigail. So funny. He had a wonderful time. Our other friends, Lori (the mommy) and Lindsay also popped over so Sean was ecstatic! It was quite a full house when baby girl and I finally made it back. We ended up spending most of our day over there which was wonderful. I got to have a lovely chat with Bonnie while while the kiddos played or in Emma-Lyn's case, slept.

This evening was even more fun, well for me anyways. I got to go to one of the Esso Women's Nationals hockey games!! Oh, how I love me some real live hockey!! Thank you so much Melissa for inviting me along! It was a BLAST! Mississauga was playing Calgary. We were rooting for Calgary (Hayley Wickenheiser plays on that team) and man, were they ever good!! They won 6-1. So, you know I did a whole lot whooping and hollering!! And now I am very tired and ready to go to bed.

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