Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Quiet Easter at Home

We enjoyed a windy yet quiet Easter here, which considering Sean's activity level is quite the thing! In the morning we rushed off to church and enjoyed both services.

After lunch and nap time it was Easter egg hunt time. Sean was especially excited about this! He had a great time searching for and finding all the Easter eggs, calling out the colours of them as he found them.

After the hunt we went and visited Marko's Nanny for awhile. This was Nanny's first time meeting Emma-Lyn. Emma-Lyn gave her smiles and seemed quite content to sit with her for quite awhile. Sean was his ever exploratory self and was looking at and getting into everything. He loves going to Nanny's since there's always a few tractors or big rigs about to look at.

Sean showing off his new camo boots. He calls them his moo cow boots!

Emma-Lyn in her Easter outfit...Sarah, I think you might find this outfit familiar.

Sean with his new to him suit on.

A new toy for Sean, some peeka-balls and a dispenser. Sean loved playing with this today too.

Nanny P. with her great-grandchildren.


Sarah said...

Glad to see you guys had a great Easter! Emma-Lyn's dress looks great! Pink is her color, LOL

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of Mom and your lovely children the sepia suits perfectly. Happy Easter Season. Aunt Bernie

StephanieAllen said...

Camo - - moo cow. I love it! :)