Monday, March 10, 2008


To me there is nearly nothing quite so satisfying as getting a list of job or a list of goals for your day completed! While I didn't get everything done on my list I do feel as though I accomplished a lot of what I set out to do. And here I am blogging once again which means another check mark on my little list. Other checked activities of today include: washing dishes, doing laundry (still have some folding to do), baked cookies (even managed to burn some...not on my list), swept the living room and kitchen floor, checked the mail and took the kiddies for a walk around the neighbourhood. The biggest feat of my day was to go through all of Emma-Lyn's new clothes. All of which I had been piling up in her crib (she sleeps in her cradle in case you were worried that we let her sleep on a pile of clothes). I sorted it all and put it all away in her dresser. Phew!

Tomorrow should be a fun day if not merely interesting. Sean, Emma-Lyn and I are going to the Ladies Bible Study held at the chapel in the morning! I have been debating for quite some time whether I had the nerve/energy to go back. Marko mentioned that he thought it would be good for us to go and I suppose he may just be right! So here's hoping tomorrow goes really well!!

Here are a couple pics of baby girl in one of her new jackets. This one is from Mike and Nancy. Thanks guys, she looks pretty cute!

Here are some sweet pics of Sean as the budding chef that he is:

So much like his Daddy is that picture.

And now some pictures of Sean as the budding artist that he is:

Check it out, hand prints! And this time the boy doesn't have a purple stain on his hand!! Yay for washable paint!

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Sarah said...

Sean is going to be famous for something! LOL
I love Emma-Lyn's coat! She is so bright looking, and happy!