Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time to Purge!!

Today was a day of crazy cleaning. The back room, which really is a set of stairs to the landlord's has been piling up and piling up into a crazy crowded room of crap! So much stuff, too much stuff to be exact! Just look at these before shots:

There were also a few more chairs in here too but I took them out yesterday for our Bible study supper get together.

More junk...
And even more junk going up the stairs. The scary part is thinking that this is an emergency exit out of our apartment! Not smart to have all this junk piled up like this.

So today I tackled the room of junk. And oh my land, we have too much stuff, here's a look at what the apartment looked like in the middle of getting things outta there and getting organized:
It's like it just exploded into the kitchen...

And the living room.
By times I would start feeling overwhelmed and I would have to force myself to concentrate on one thing, like putting good will stuff together to get through this momentous task.

But I did finally get everything sorted. I even managed to clear out our laundry room of the stuff that was in there and I got a couple loads of laundry done while I was at it. Phew! And now the end result:

Nice piles of useful stuff.

And, well would you looky here, there really is a set of stairs in there!!

I am so glad to have that done. Sean was thrilled to see so many of his old toys again. I let him play with some of them and some I may let him have for awhile again, he was having so much fun.

Like in this photo, he's washing his lawn mower. I'm thinking he's going to be one of those guys that really enjoys washing his car when he grows up.

Today was a big day not just because we did a major cleaning job but also because Sean finished his potty sticker chart. Every time he comes to the potty with a dry pull-up and has a good pee, he would get a couple of stickers. And today he finished the chart and his reward was an ice cream covered in sprinkles at the Dairy Queen. He was THRILLED!!

Doesn't he look so proud!

Waiting in anticipation at the DQ.


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Sarah said...

YAY for Sean!!!!
On another note, would you like to tackle our "junk room" next?? LOL