Thursday, March 06, 2008

***Warning***This Post is About Baby Poo

So you remember back when I was keepin' ya'll informed as to my little lady's bowel movements? Or rather the lack thereof? Yeah, so I thought that instead of boring you to death with the details of how we get her to poop (insert suppository here) I figured I'd just leave well enough alone.

That is until today!!! Since she has been just a wee little thing, she hasn't been all that interested in pooping on a regular all. She was going about a week between poops and even then, only because I would give her a suppository at that time (who knows how long she would've held out if left to her own devices).

But today she surprised me by pooping all by herself -- And boys oh boys, did she poop!! Luckily I was able to save her cute little pink and rosebud sleeper but I'm afraid her onesie was totaled. I thought about salvaging it but she would've had poop all the way up her back and through her hair and I just wasn't ready to give her a bath right then.(Sean was in the kitchen having lunch and about to go down for his nap). So I grabbed the scissors and cut her out of it!

Ah the fun and oh so exciting times that make up my life!!! :)

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