Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Did I Learn Today?

Well now, let's see...

I learned that it was fun to let Sean ride his tricycle for the first time this year even if it isn't even spring yet.

I learned that any time I give Sean to play with a new toy will never be enough time.

I learned that calling your financial institution about your student loan interest relief ahead of schedule is a really good thing to do!

I learned that left over pot roast is just as good the second time around (well, I really already knew that but it's just so true!)

I learned that if King Nebuchadnezzar built his 90 foot statue out of pure gold today, it would cost him approximately 130 billion dollars!

I learned that Emma-Lyn can let out an amazingly loud wail when her big brother bites her fingers.

I learned that anytime I can't hear Sean making any noise I should drop everything and go find him.

because I learned that 1 toddler plus 1 permanent marker plus 1 plastic fire truck equals transportable art?!

Then I learned that rubbing alcohol will remove permanent marker off of said plastic fire truck.

Then I realized that I really should have taken a picture of the fire truck with its Sean induced make-over.

Now for some pics of Sean on his tricycle:

Here are a few random pics of Emma-Lyn and her amazing tongue!

Cool eh?

And for a couple pics of Sean trying to look like Daddy by sporting his own goatee made of bubbles.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics!! They are just the most adorable kids in the whole wide world!!! But its easy to see why 'cause they have the most wonderful parents!!!!

Love you all lots and lots!
From ME
CrAzY dragon

Sarah said...

Looks like Sean is going to be a busy artist! Brayden has the same tub toy and he loves it so much, he tries to "sneak" it out of the tub when his bath is over!

Mainland Weed said...

Emma-Lyn has such a great tongue... she'll be touching her nose with it in no time!!
Sean looks much older in the last pic!
Love you guys!