Saturday, March 29, 2008

What We've Been Up To Lately

On Thursday morning Sean got to have fun playing with his friend Menita. Menita will be coming over more often to play with Sean since her Mommy just got a new job. Congrats, Melissa! I have to say the morning was not what I expected. I thought the two of them would be running from one end of the apartment to the other squealing all the way. While there was some squealing there was very little running. And where I thought they'd need me to help them play they really didn't seem to need me at all. There were a couple of times where they both wanted the same toy but usually they sorted it out and went back to playing again.

Menita and Sean sitting on the couch. Apparently this is how all the pre-schoolers are doing it these days!!

Bet you didn't know that plastic Easter eggs could double as sunglasses!

Ahhh, my favourite and yours, story time. How cute is that? Sean kept wanting to sit right beside Menita

Later on that day, Sean and I went outside to get the mail and get some fresh air. Can you spot the squirrel in this picture?

Okay, so I'm no wheres near a top notch, not even a bottom notch photographer, but if you look closely you'll see his little tail between the garbage bins.

Here is his close up shot: You know, in case you've never seen a squirrel before.

Sean really liked the squirrel and tried to catch it without much luck.

On Friday morning Sean, Emma-Lyn and I headed out to the Health Nurse for Emma-Lyn's 2 month needles. I was a little anxious about how Sean was going to behave for this excursion but he was good as gold. Before we went, I had sat down with him and talked with him about what was going to happen and what I expected of him and I really think that helped. Because when we were leaving he started to act up, so I sat him down and reminded him about what we had talked about and he was fine after that.

Emma-Lyn did great for her needles, there were three of them! She did cry but not for very long and was settled in her car seat in no time. She seems a bit cranky today but nothing too major.

Last night we had the gang in for some chocolate fondue fun and some SingStar competition 90's style! What a BLAST! I had so much fun singing those songs and dancing like a crazy person. We were up a little later than we had planned and now I'm paying for it! Oh well, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

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