Thursday, April 10, 2008

Having Fun

Hey just wanted to thank everyone who has voted for us thus far for their support. Currently I have 9 comments and the last time I checked the lady in first place had 29 surely there might be oh, I don't know, maybe like 20 of you out there who would just LOVE to see Marko and I have a date night together at someone else's expense?! I promise I'd document the occasion on this here blog if that would sway any of you to leaving a comment. At any rate whether we win it or not, I just want to say how sweet you all have been with the comments. I was just expecting something like, "I vote for you" or just a simple, "vote." But most of you have put in some sweet words and encouragement. Thank you so much for that!

So I have the following two pictures on the blog more for my own observation but would love any input anyone has to offer. There is about a month's difference in the timing of the pictures, my question to you is, do you see any difference?

Here she is last month:

And this picture was taken today:

The next picture I just think is ultra-adorable.

Yesterday Sean got a special package in the mail from Grammie Peric (it occurs to me now that when my mom sent a dvd to Sean I didn't blog about it, but then I didn't have the camera out at that time either, but thank you Gramma Hope)

Anyhoo, Sean was thrilled with his new book about Tough Trucks. He was so excited about it that he sat right down beside the driveway to read it! :) It was such a beautiful day too. I could almost believe that spring was really here to stay!!! Now, not only did Sean receive a gift from Grammie Peric yesterday but we also got a call from her that very afternoon as well!! What fun to hear from her too. Sean was busy sitting under the deck and throwing mud at the house to add much to the conversation. (you just should have seen the boy's pants after that, totally caked in mud!!)

Here he is reading his new book:

After book time we decided to take out the sidewalk chalk and try out our artistic skills.
I also did up a Hopscotch board for him which he had a lot of fun with.

Well, I don't know if you've ever had to potty train someone but I have to say that it is not my favourite part of parenting! We seem to get so far and then we slide right back to where we started.

That said Sean does seem to be getting better. He gets quite excited to make a big pee in the potty. We're still using a sticker chart, which Sean enjoys and it seems to be improving his counting too. So that's cool. He still hasn't pooped in the potty but today was his closest time yet. Usually he'll just run to his room and poop in his diaper there. But today he would actually stop what he was doing call out, "Poopy mommy, I have to poopy." Unfortunately each time I got him on the pot he just let out a toot. But still I think this is progress. Once we finish this current sticker chart (he is at square 63 out of 100 squares) we will be putting him in underwear for better or worse. I've read a few stories about going straight to underwear and I think this would be our next step.

We already have the unders. Here is the boy modeling them for you:
Hmmmm, and I wonder why I'm having trouble potty training?!! :)


Sarah said...

Emma-Lyn is getting bigger all the time! Can you vote twice? I'll vote for you guys everyday if I can ;)

Sarah said...

Oh, Sean looks a lot like Marko sitting and reading his book.